A seat fit for royalty

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If you think Tiffany Chairs are the nicest seats you could find for your wedding, think again. These are called Windsor Crystal Chairs and they are available for rent for your event.  For inquiries, you may contact Maru De Ocampo of Windsor & Tiffany by Banquet Ensemble at 0928.500.3291.  Rental rate is P300/chair.  See more photos here.

“Pinoy Henyo” Proposal

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 “Pinoy Henyo“ is a word-guessing game segment popularized by the noontime show,  Eat Bulaga!  It’s played  pretty much like the “Taboo”  boardgame except that the one giving hints is only allowed to answer “Yes/Oo” or “No/Hindi” to the guesser’s questions related to the word stuck on his/her forehead. In a get-together with friends last Christmas, Nico played “Pinoy Henyo” with his girlfriend, Rea.  Here’s a snapshot while their friends are so kilig as the wedding proposal unfolds. (photo courtesy of Tim Medrano) Such a sneaky way to have the girl “pop the question”, while the guy gets to say “YES!” in return.  hehe

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CJ of Threelogy takes a bride!

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(photo by: Mimi+Karl) The last remaining bachelor among the three partners of Threelogy Video finally got hitched last Friday. Ceej & I have been friends since our early 20s and I’ve seen him get his heart broken a few times. haha!  I’d say his relationship with Ira has the least drama. Make that, no drama at all.  Either CJ has mellowed with age or he has found a partner with a perfect fit. Or both. CJ married Ira in a ceremony held at Santuario de San Jose last Friday.  As part of the program at the reception, a surprise AVP was shown to the newlyweds and their guests. The video was actually the 3rd episode of “Monitor“ — Threelogy’s in-house webshow starred by the company’s wacky editors who are anything but camera-shy.  Cameo appearances by photographers Dino Lara (with his driver King who went topless in the video) and Mimi + Karl (with Katy).  Benz & I were also asked to participate and we tagged our baby Laya along.  TheThreelogy girls’ all-out lip-syncing of Charice’s “Pyramid” called for my Iyaz (delas Alas) moves. Watch the show below. But the video presentation didn’t stop there. Towards the end of the reception, …

Linear Portraits by Eric Cachero

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Eric Cachero is a visual artist whose body of work consists of paintings, sketches, graphics and other commercial design works. My initial encounter of Eric’s work wasn’t through an art gallery.  On the contrary, it was via the wall photos/profile pics of a couple of mutual friends in Facebook.  And those led me to his album full of line art like the ones below. (click the image to see more) To me, the images looked like the headshots seen along the bylines of newspaper columnists. So impressed that I sent Eric a private message to ask if he’d be willing to do the same for soon-to-weds who may be interested to have their portraits done by him.  I figured some couples may want to have their line drawings printed on their wedding invite or in their souvenir mug or something. For a simple sketch such as those above, it cost P1,500/person (plus P500/additional person). Aside from a soft copy/digital output, he’ll also hand a 12 x 15 hard copy in Giclee prints.  All he needs is a clear and high resolution photograph of the subject. He can produce the artwork in a matter of days after client’s approval. By the …

Mrs. Hoodie – a bride’s new ‘status’ symbol!

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Been seeing bling-bling hoodies like the one above in wedding photos and onsite videos of some [email protected] for quite some time now.  But it’s only now that I learned that it’s from Ade Sy-Singson, herself a former [email protected] and now runs Runway Brides which sells these hoodies that has literally become a bride’s new ‘status’ symbol. 😉 “Suprise your husband-to-be and your guests as you proudly carry your new surname!” — that’s how Ade puts it. And reading the brides’ testimonials in Runway Bride’s fanpage, the grooms seem pleased. The new in-laws should be, too! 🙂

Rajo puts a ring on it!

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(via gmanews.tv) Fashion designer Rajo Laurel is not only known for his romantic and feminine gowns and dresses. His cobweb dress was recently featured on the cover of international fashion bible Women’s Wear Daily on February 9 (he did the same cobweb technique for Rica Peralejo’s wedding gown overlay as seen here – J&B). Rajo’s impeccable fashion sense extends to other things — such as sheets, cakes, and mattresses. Now, he turns his eye for the exquisite to jewelry, partnering with Iloilo-based F&C Jewelry to create ten wedding bands that are almost works of art. “We sell love, just like him,” said F&C’s Marissa Florete Gorriceta. (see the other ring designs in Rajo’s blog) Wedding rings symbolize eternity and commitment. The practice of wearing one’s wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand stems from the Greek belief that the vena amoris or “vein of love” ran from the heart to the tip of the ring finger. Today, couples exchange rings to signify their eternal commitment to each other. In the Philippines, classic, traditional designs are still favored while white gold is becoming the trend. “Designing jewelry is something natural to me,” said Laurel, whose grandmother taught him …

Bridal Bouquet sans Flowers!

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  (bridal bouquet by 7 Lily) February weddings don’t have it easy. While its past the tail-end of the wedding peak season in the Philippines which is around December/January, it’s the time of the year when prices of blossoms soar to all-time-high due to huge demand in time for Valentine’s Day. And it’s not just the prices that’s the problem, the anxiety over the quality and quantity of stocks become also become major concern. The Dangwa Flower Market in Manila is so chaotic around this time that it feels like there’s a mad fiesta! With this in mind, we have invited some of the wedding industry’s finest florists to participate in a fun challenge: to make a bridal bouquet without using any flowers. It sounds crazy but these floral artisans immediately agreed the moment we presented them the idea. It is not our first time to involve suppliers in this kind of undertaking. In 2006, we asked the make-up artists for a Diva-to-Diva Makeover; and the designers, to sketch a Bridal Gown for P20k. In 2008, we had a Wedding Planners’ Challenge: How Low Can You Go? wherein detailed budget breakdown of the most affordable wedding they could muster good …

Do-it-Yourself Wedding Cord (a tutorial)

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We’re no experts on wedding cords but after seeing the personalized cord below, we know it’s better that most we’ve seen. This is actually a DIY project of Eyzel (ni Angelo) who’s an active [email protected] In her wedblog, she shared where she bought the materials, revealed how much each cost, and detailed how to assemble everything.  But what’s more impressive is that those are accompanied with step-by-step pictures, and those shots look nice — kinda Martha Stewart-ish but on a dark background! 😀 For those unfamiliar about what a wedding cord is and where it’s used during the ceremony: it’s known as lasso in Mexican or Spanish weddings.   It may be a silken rope, a string of flowers, links of beads or coins, forming the a figure-eight.  Each loop is loosely placed around the the neck/shoulder area of the couple by the cord sponsors. It’s a Catholic wedding ritual and is said to symbolize the infinite bond of marriage. If you’re considering doing a similar DIY project, you may want to check it out. 🙂

Caricatured Couples!

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  Krisel & Noel Izar are former [email protected] who recently ventured into business they called  Graphizar Designs.  They design wedding invites and monograms, but what caught my attention are the caricatures they do for soon-to-wed couples. In their site, it says that a couple’s caricature only costs P1,000 which includes a pencil sketch and a color draft both for approval before final output in .jpg or any format. If you want an invite layout with the couple’s caricature, that’s just P1,200.  Needless to say, the rates are applicable as of this posting and are subject to change.  🙂 Checkout samples of their work.

A dove & balloon release that animal rights activists and environmentalists will be happy about!

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Ever heard of  Bio Dove Balloons? These are different from conventional balloons.  It’s white, bird-shaped, and flies much slower compared to their rubber counterparts. Oh, and they’re made of 100% biodegradable materials.  This will make both animal rights activists and environmentalists happy. This product is made exclusively by UK-based Sky Lanterns, another ‘flying innovation’ we’ve featured here before. So the question now is will these be available in the Philippines? The answer is YES! Weddings by Victoria, thru it’s holding company Velpat Corp., has recently been awarded by Sky Lanterns Ltd.  the exclusive rights to distribute the original, UK-patented quality standard Sky Lanterns and Bio Dove Balloons in our country. We’ve been told that these are now available in Wedding Library branches and Dragon Fireworks outlets.  🙂 More info about the Bio Dove Balloons here.

Lantern Cakes make your reception glow… even in the dark!

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If one tells you that there are wedding cakes that actually light up, it would sound funny, isn’t it?   But if you’re shown how the lighting is incorporated to the over-all design, then it’s a different story. Lantern Cakes have become synonymous to the name Peachy Juban, a cake designer based in Parañaque.  Below are just a couple of works she’s done; from a simple three-tiered cake…   …to grandiose reception centerpiece.   These are truly works-of-art that will surely catch any guest’s attention at the reception.  To see more of Peachy’s lantern cake designs, you may visit peachyjuban.com. 🙂

In Christ Alone – a pair of wedding rings in His honor

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Unique. Symbolic. Relevant. That’s how I describe the wedding rings of Jong & Monique.  Each ring has been individually engraved with each other’s names and stands on it’s own like any other wedding rings. Nothing really bloggable about that. What makes them truly special is that the smaller ring (Monique’s) can nestle perfectly inside the bigger ring (Jong’s).   The pair appears to makes a bigger/thicker ring when put together and their sum conveys an even bigger message. Here’s how the custom-made rings look like: (photo by JJ Lucas for Imagine Nation) The rings were especially designed and engraved for the couple by Matus Jewellery. Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus (That in all things, God may be glorified)!

Send your wedding wishes toward the sky!

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Imagine a dozen or more paper lanterns glowing and floating the nighttime skies.   They’re called sky lanterns or fire lanterns and they are gaining popularity in weddings in the UK.  Those who tuned in the Judai & Ryan wedding TV special may have seen their guests releasing what seem like glowing paper balloons.  Now, people are asking what they were and were to get them. Sky lanterns is a great addition, or alternative, to firework displays. Online, they’re available in sites like skylanterns.com. Via the [email protected] (Suppliers’ Discussion Group), we learned that Design Manila have this available locally.  View this video for an actual launch of these lanterns in a recent event they’ve handled. Light it up.  Make a wish. Then let it fly. 🙂

Iba na ang (groom na) matangkad!

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While browsing the website of Celebrations! — the bridal show & special events expo happening this weekend in SMX — I’ve encountered this feature about this unique product for men who wants to add a few more inches in time for the honeymoon… er… wedding day pala! 🙂 It’s by Bradford Shoe Co. which is joining a wedding fair for the first time.  The company has developed  “height tech” shoes for men who want to look 3-4″ inches taller instantly and effortlessly.  The shoes look and feel no different from regular shoes. Unlike elevator shoes, Bradford claims theirs are specially designed and engineered by not simply inserting additional insole into regular shoes.  They say doing this would make a regular shoe extremely uncomfortable, painful and may even injure your feet.  Below is a diagram of Bradford’s AddHeight-Technology.   This is especially worth considering for grooms who want to appear taller than his bride especially if she’s really keen on wearing high heels. As for me, I’ll go look for the Bradford booth in Celebrations! this weekend and try me a pair! Astig kaya matangkad!  hehehe. 🙂

Flashdrives as wedding gifts!

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We’re here in Boracay right now to witness the beach wedding of Mimi + Karl — destination wedding photographers.  Naaaaks! hehehe. We heard the ceremony later is going be short so there will be more time to party, party, party! But this post is not about their wedding per se.  It’s about our little wedding gift to them. Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not the type who brags about what we give to others.  It’s just that the mini-M+K clay figurines are just to irresistible not to blog.  Here’s how they look… Aren’t they cute?  These were custom-made for us by Clay Creations by Aileen.  But the coolness doesn’t stop there.  These aren’t just useless trinkets that would gather dust in time.  They are actually handy, his & hers, USB/thumbdrives.  Just pull their little heads out and wallah! If you got friends and family who’s celebrating their birthdays or any other special occasion, this could be a gift idea worth considering.  Oh, and they can also make your personalized wedding caketoppers.  To see some of their work, visit their claycreations.multiply.com.

Little gown for the Little Bride!

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    Sasha Bridals and its sister company, Bumblebee & Co. — baby & kiddie costume maker — synergized and brought together their respective expertise to create this mini-bridal gown. Mind you that it’s no ordinary flower girl dress. The attire will be a definite standout for a little girl who is equally as important as the bride herself.  It’s the perfect outfit for the adorable daughter of any mommy bride or the favorite niece of the couple. See here other adorable images of this mini-bridal creation.