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WaW Color Play: Soft Summer

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When summer months come rolling in, the frenzy for garden weddings escalates several notches up. Images of picture perfect afternoon weddings with that gentle breeze complementing the warm sunshine spring to mind. In a country blessed with abundant sun, summer is synonymous to idyllic weddings either set in a garden or by the beach. Wherever the chosen location may be, the wedding palette plays an integral part in nailing that dream wedding. Pastels have been making headlines in weddings as of late and with good reason. By not sticking to just one color and opting to go for a range of shades, the ladies in the entourage have a freer pick on what to wear. Choosing from any of these shades can actually be fun – pink, cream, light yellow, mint, baby blue, lavender, peach. Different girl, different color, different dress style – all unique, yet when standing side by side each lady is a stand out. Even the men rock this soft color scheme and never lose a bit of their dapper. Remember what they say, real men wear pink. The thing about pastels is that the colors easily elicit a smile. Take for example this backdrop of giant …

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WaW Color Play: Red, the Color of Love

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Can you smell it in the air? Yup, it’s here! It’s the season of love! For those whose weddings bells are set to chime any time soon, February holds a different kind of thrill. What better month to get married than the love month?  So to honor the overflow of love of the season, we’ve put together 4 ways of channeling the color red on your wedding day. FIESTA RED In their Spring 2016 Fashion Color Report, the world’s foremost authority on color, Pantone, chooses Fiesta Red as part of the palette. According to Pantone, Fiesta Red is “harbinger of excitement”. We likey! This fiery red shade has a yellow base which gives this bouquet of red poppies a unique pop. Imagine walking down the aisle with these beauties in your hand. Fiesta red gives wedding invitations a different appeal. It’s the kind of color that’s sits between coral and classic and gives that interesting touch when on paper. VINTAGE RED If you want to channel a bit old the classic charm without going too far back in the past, vintage red does the trick. It’s that shade that never goes out of style. The classic red roses bouquet is …

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WaW COLOR PLAY: Rose Quartz and Serenity is the Color of 2016

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Editor’s Note: We, including our WaW Color Play guru, Tisha Rosales, have been very excited to introduce to you the color of the year for 2016, but we had to hold ourselves back a bit so we can do so at the perfect time. And the perfect time is now! So without further adieu, we announce 2016’s color of the year – ROSE QUARTZ AND SERENITY! For the first time, Pantone rolls out 2 shades as the Color of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. “A blending of two shades,” according to Pantone. ¬ “Welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent.” Pantone’s color choice is welcome breather from all the stresses of the workaday life. These soft hues evoke emotions such as balance, calming, wellness, compatibility, duality and most important, tranquility. When transported into the world of weddings, these colors create a soft, dreamy palette that makes the perfect setup for a truly romantic wedding. The counterplay of soft rose and blue invite a subtle playfulness. It’s interesting how these colors come together harmoniously, without contradicting each other. True to form, duality is indeed addressed here as the combination of …

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It’s month 12 of 2015 and we must have the year’s color on Color Play. So Marsala it shall be! This rich color that gracefully crosses between chic and rustic makes a perfect palette for December weddings. A hue a few notches away from burgundy, marsala evokes the celebratory feeling with its deeper than red wine shade. “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness,” according to Pantone. Marsala is versatile. You can go all dark shades of roses or use lighter shades of pink and peach to bring out the deep red. The same trick can be used when choosing the colors for your girly posse. Bridesmaids dressed in marsala gowns look effortlessly classy. You may also opt for the opposite end of the color spectrum and pick out the lightest hue of nude to create sophisticated flowing gowns for the ladies. Whichever shade you choose to match with marsala, your entourage will most definitely nail style and glam. The men will easily wear marsala. Not much effort as the color presents a perfect counterpoint to …

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WaW Color Play: Shades of Gray

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There was a time when the thought of gray as a wedding color was unheard of. Having a dull color for such a happy occasion doesn’t fit. Fast forward to today when gray and all its shades have become on trend. It has enjoyed blockbuster success on the fashion scene because despite its seemingly bland color, gray is actually versatile. Gray has shades, perhaps even more than 50. Let us mention a few. There’s charcoal gray, a shade standing on the darker spectrum. Then there’s ash gray, one of its coveted shades, a whisper above white mixed with the right proportion of dark gray resulting in a powdery hue. Then we have dove gray, the tint that evokes romance. Then there’s slate, appealing to the masculine and modern. There are more shades of gray to play with. That is why it makes for an interesting choice for weddings. So cast all shades of doubt for gray aside because versatile gray is here to stay! In fact, here at Color Play we will mix and match different colors to counter the dreary reputation of gray. GRAY AND YELLOW That pop of happy color stands out against the charcoal gray like a …

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WaW Color Play: Blue and Purple

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Which hue are you? The color combo of blue and purple are not your typical wedding colors. The topic of wedding colors more often than not lands on the lighter shades. But there are those who gravitate towards the deeper shades. There is nothing dull about a blue and purple wedding. On the contrary, the colors are totally sophisticated and stylish. There is a boldness here that does not speak of flamboyance but of a confident and steadfast nature. Purple, in its deepest shade, looks best when paired with a brighter shade of blue such as royal blue. A perfect counterpoint, royal blue highlights the deep violet just like how sapphire would be beside amethyst. Bringing even lighter shades of purple such as lavender would definitely tease the playfulness out of the somber purple. Not only will you have fun mixing shades, but you will also have a ball choosing from a variety of flowers to get the desired effect. Blues are found in hydrangeas, hyacinths, delphiniums and even anemones while purple shades abound in tulips, roses and also hydrangeas. A completely contrasting color such as white will most definitely bring out the uniqueness of the blur-purple combo without stealing …

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Aisle Do: DIY Your “Just Married” Sign

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In this column, Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila talks about how to DIY your “Just Married” sign. With the help of Adrian Ardiente for photos, Ernest shows you how to add these personalized touches for your wedding. Our aim is to give you and other soon-to-wed couples ideas on how you can personalize your wedding by doing simple do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. We also want to help you create some lovely details to make your wedding extra special. We will tell you what materials to source, the step-by-step procedure, and how the details we have designed look during an actual wedding. The “Just Married” Sign With some buttons, scrap lace, and acrylic jewels, create this lovely signage worthy of a couple’s portrait after the ceremony. Here’s what you need: • Printed “Just Married” sign • Buttons • Jewel stickers • Lace • Glue gun • Glue stick • A pair of scissors • Cutter • Cutting mat • A pair of pliers • Ruler • Double-sided tape • Illustration board • Ribbon Here’s how to do it. Step 1: Attach the printed “Just Married” sign onto the illustration board using the double-sided tape. Step 2: Cut the excess illustration board using the cutter, ruler, and …

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Color Play: Red and Yellow

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WeddingsatWork reader Mary Jane Mendoza posted a comment on Tisha Rosales’ Blush article: “How would you do it if its yellow and red? My favorite color is yellow while my fiance is red. Looking forward to your insights. ” Check out Tisha‘s thoughts in her second article for Color Play. Hi Jane! The red and yellow palette is very unique! It takes a confident couple to pull off that combo. It’s not a common pairing, which can, in fact, be a reason for your wedding to be a standout. The colors can actually allow you to play with themes. Summer Bright, poppy red mixed with lemon yellow creates a summery feel. Flowers you can play with are roses, gerberas and button mums. You can even add real red apples (remembers those small ones that can easily fit in your palm) and lemons for your table centerpieces. Autumn If you opt for darker hues, you can channel a different season: autumn. Mix the yellow with the deeper shade of wine red and add chocolate brown and you’ve got a fall theme. You can even add orange for a midway color. A dose of champagne gold will bring a subtle and elegant touch to your …

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Color Play: Blush

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We are introducing our very first regular columnist. Her love for colors made her the most fitting one for this topic. Give her any color and she’d be able to find you a good mood board. Her love and respect for all colors makes her a great color guru. Plus, she was once an event stylist way back when the word hasn’t been coined yet. Presenting Color Play by Tisha Rosales. Welcome to Color Play! Here we’ll talk about different color palettes and how they play a crucial part in making your wedding truly your own. I’ve always loved colors and over the years I can say I’ve changed my “favorite color” repeatedly not because of fickle-mindedness but simply because of the range of emotions a person goes through in her lifetime. My fascination with colors lies in their ability to capture a mood, a feeling, a temperament. It’s like being locked in a dance with life yet being free to feel the emotion of that fleeting instant. Those moments, described in hues of emotions, are what Color Play is all about. And in what better life occasion can we experience this than in a wedding. I can’t imagine a wedding …

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How to Look Your Best in Photos

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Do you spend a lot of time using the filters of your phone just to make sure you look your best in your photos? Are you terrified by the thought of how you and your groom would look in your pre-nup photos because you’ve never really done a professional photo shoot in the past? [email protected] recently had an EB with Feliz Lucas of Lifestyle by Feliz and guest photographers, Manny and April Photography, where they shared tips on bringing out your beauty. Special thanks to [email protected] Leslie and Maan for the notes! 1. Know the best side of your face. – Get your phone camera and do a selfie. Check which eye is bigger. Most of the time, the side with the bigger eye is your best side. This is vital especially for the succeeding tips. 2. Four basic face poses variation – Look down – Look away – Look at the camera – Look at your partner Remember: Adjust your eyes properly and ensure that the eyeball is balanced. (not white part only) 3. How to look thinner in front of the camera – Look down – Extend your neck forward. – Make sure that your eye is nearer the camera …

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If the Dress Fits: the CA Cut

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While it’s pretty easy to Google body structures vis a vis wedding gown designs, it’s not very easy to actually choose a flattering wedding gown for one’s body structure. Call it the battle of wants vs realities. We want something but the style just doesn’t agree with the reality called “current body structure”. We thought it would be a great idea to interview all 3 designers who made it to the top spot of the Weddings at Work Top 10. Yes, they each have Supplier of the Year trophies — Ms. Veluz Puno – Reyes (2005), Mr. Cecilio Abad (2008), and Mr. Boy Kastner Santos (2011). For part 2, we will focus on the responses of the one everyone refers to as Tito Cecil. 🙂 Q: When a bride comes to you for a gown design and her pegs are totally not possible given her body structure, what do you usually do? CA: I measure first, then sketch. If she insists, I ask, “Which one do you want — the dress that that will make you beautiful on your wedding day or the peg you brought?” Q: If the bride wants a lot of beadwork and has each of the following …