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A Look Back at [email protected] Videofest by Jason Magbanua

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If there’s one thing that can be said about [email protected] throughout its existence, it’s that friendships abound here. It’s like a big slumber party where wishes and secrets are exchanged. No judgments here, only honest conversations and sincere sharing. Master videographer Jason Magbanua skillfully captures the bride vibe in this video. Jason, the ultimate [email protected] “slasher” meaning supplier/star/christmaspartyhost/friend/adviser/supporter/etc/plusmore, knows the pulse of the groupie really well, having been around them for as long as he has been in business. Putting all that together results in a candid and genuine vid. Must watch!

“Pinoy Henyo” Proposal

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 “Pinoy Henyo“ is a word-guessing game segment popularized by the noontime show,  Eat Bulaga!  It’s played  pretty much like the “Taboo”  boardgame except that the one giving hints is only allowed to answer “Yes/Oo” or “No/Hindi” to the guesser’s questions related to the word stuck on his/her forehead. In a get-together with friends last Christmas, Nico played “Pinoy Henyo” with his girlfriend, Rea.  Here’s a snapshot while their friends are so kilig as the wedding proposal unfolds. (photo courtesy of Tim Medrano) Such a sneaky way to have the girl “pop the question”, while the guy gets to say “YES!” in return.  hehe

A Short Film for a Prenup Video

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Instead of having friends and family being interviewed to tell their love story for an AVP to be shown during their wedding reception, John Chu + Ailyn Go had a different approach.  They wanted to entertain their guests with a short film, and judging from the output, I’m certain they pulled it off! Think Korean novela redubbed for Filipino audiences.  It’s actually a clever idea since the “actors” never had to memorize their lines to deliver a good performance.  I was fortunate to be in the Threelogy office the night they were scheduled to dub the scenes.  Since I was there anyway, I was made to do the voice of the antagonist’s sidekick.  Some of the lines (like the bit about Michael Jackson) were thought of by Bong and CJ on-the-spot. We were in laughing the whole time we were recording. 😀 Ready your popcorn!

‘Dashing’ Bride barely made it to her wedding march!

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Meet Darlene. She is a [email protected] who has recently gotten married to Gboy. Their altar date was set last April 17, 2010 in Tagaytay. Wedding ceremony was slated at 1PM but during that time, vehicular traffic was on a standstill because of the Tour of Luzon bikeathon, and in the midst of the gridlock was this classic Mustang bridal car. The bride got a call from her wedding planner informing her that she would have to forgo her bridal march if she arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled ceremony. Left with no other choice, the bride scooped her skirt, train, and veil of her Veluz wedding gown and started dashing towards the direction of the church. Following Darlene’s lead was her bridesmaid and her make-up artist, Eddie Bruan. Upon seeing them on the street, the photo and video guys also got out of their vehicle. Oly Ruiz of Metro Photo captured in multiple shots as the bride emerged in the two-way gridlock. “After about 15 minutes of running, we came at the intersection where everything was clogged-up and asked — forced actually — a tricycle to take all of us (all seven of us) to the church which was another …

A pregnant bride celebrates life & love!

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In a conservative, Catholic country like the Philippines, getting knocked up before marriage is not always met with parental approval. But pregnancy out of wedlock does happen and it doesn’t always end in a mom raising the child alone. 🙂 Although marriage should not be an answer for an unplanned pregnancy, marriage shouldn’t be completely written off as well especially if the couple mutually love each other and both are mature enough to face the financial and emotional responsibilities of parenthood.  Needless to say, the support of the couple’s loved ones spells a huge of difference. Such was the case in the wedding of Janio & Maan.  They were showered with the love and support of their family and friends during their big day. It’s also noteworthy that Maan never tried to hide the bump by wearing a ‘maternity’ wedding gown as seen in the photo below. 🙂 (photo by Jay Jay Lucas for ImagineNation) Here’s wishing the infanticipating newlyweds a happy family life! 🙂

A Wedding Proposal Story: Floating on Cloud 9 while diving underwater!

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Meet Mark & Anna. The two are college sweethearts who have been together for about 10 years already. Sometime last year, on a weekend he had work, she scheduled a diving trip in Anilao, Batangas with friends. For their last dive, Anna was instructed by her diving buddy to follow 30 feet underwater. When they got there, here’s what she saw…  … a tarp with her name and the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME??” Then she saw this guy in his dive mask kneeling on the seabed with a bouquet of flowers. It could only be Mark!  After she signaled ‘YES’ to him, he handed her the ring attached to a string and to his BCD (buoyancy control device).  He also gave her tarpaulin that had ‘YES’ on it. Afterall, nobody really expect to hear that sweet word underwater. 🙂 As soon as they surfaced, this first thing she uttered to him wasn’t a verbal yes, but “Are you okay?” Turns out, Mark is no swimmer.  Despite that, he willingly took diving lessons (behind her back) specifically for this proposal.  The lengths some men go through just to pop THE question never cease to amaze. “People asked me how I …

They said he wouldn’t live to see his wedding day

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  (Joseph Santos, 28, right, a.k.a., the “Miracle Baby,” is shown with his fiance Micaela Sando, 24. Joseph, was given the “miracle baby” title after he and his twin brother, Jason, were born almost four months premature. Their mother, Purita, went into labor while on a flight from Guam to Hawaii. Now, nearly 28-years after the event, Joseph will be getting married on Saturday, March 27 | photo & story excerpted from The year was 1982. The sweat was beading on Purita Santos’ forehead. She had just come from a wedding in the Philippines – her and her husband’s homeland – and this little spell was killing the euphoria. The 35-year-old mother of two, who was again five-and-a-half months pregnant – this time with twins – was in an uncomfortable spot on a Pan Am flight from Guam to Hawaii. Pains were shooting through her lower back. She was trying to stave off the contractions by propping her legs up on the seat-back tray in front of her. A stewardess eventually asked for a doctor. There were two on board. Purita Santos repeated to herself that she couldn’t have the babies on the plane – or for another three …

My Ondoy Wedding Story

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Yesterday’s flash floods brought about by typhoon Ondoy got numerous weddings postponed, receptions canceled, and a lot of wedding suppliers stranded in their cars amidst flood and/or traffic.  But we’ve heard of a few weddings which still pushed through despite the calamity.  Proof that all a wedding needs is a bride, a groom, a couple of witnesses, and an officiant for it to push through. Below is a personal account of Randall Dagooc of MangoRed  who covered a wedding yesterday despite rain and high water (text lifted from his facebook note). – – – – – – – – – – We made it! We f*ckin made it! 10 AM Alis kami Ortigas going to Alabang for a wedding. Wedding Ceremony is at 3pm sa Fernbrook. Stuck sa C5 for 2 hours–U Turn then daan kami sa Fort Bonifacio-Mckinley-Nichols Route. Stuck in fort Bonifacio (Lawton Road) for another 2 hours. 5 meters per hour ang takbo ng mga sasakyan. 2 PM Sabi ni Teena (Coordinator) moved daw ang ceremony to 5pm. I said “Sh*t! Choke point lang naman is yung bridge sa may Nichols! Sabi ko lakad na lang kami then brave the flood! bahala na si Santino” Went down …

Orgasmic fun at Bim & Gen’s Pre-Marital Party!

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(photo by Paul Vincent. Click here for more photos.) Benz & I have attended pre-wedding parties separately in the past. Thing is, the bachelor parties I’ve been to had a non-disclosure agreement upon entry, while Benz attended bridal showers that are too wholesome to be interesting. 😛 Last night was probably the first time we’ve attended a not-so-wholesome pre-wedding party together. It’s not like a tame shower not a quite an off-the-record stag either.  The event was just pure unadulterated bastusan! From what I gather, a pre-marital party is to ready the soon-to-weds prepare for the wedding night. All the attendees are one in saying ‘NO’ to pre-marital sex. *rolleyes* To Bim & Gen, the couple who runs phoeben teocson | wedding cinema, our congratulations and best wishes for your November 21 wedding… night! 😉 Props to Queen Gutierrez-David of Just Like Ours, the soon-to-weds’ wedding planner for orchestrating the whole thing and keeping it a secret from the couple.  Now I’m assuming that a pre-marital party will now be part of her freebie for her other clients. bwahaha!

08.08.08 – Auspicious, Olympic Weddings!

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  Tomorrow’s THE date. It’s gonna be 08-08-08! Just within our online community alone, there are 34 [email protected] brides set to wed tomorrow! That’s almost quadruple the number of [email protected] married on 07.07.07 despite the triple 7 date falling on a Saturday last year. We doubt if 09.09.09 (Wednesday) would even be a bit as popular. But 10.10.10 (Sunday) is showing a lot of promise as the next wedding date of choice, at least for Filipino soon-to-weds, since it sounds like ‘ten-ten-te-ten’ — a local kiddie chant/phrase that practically represents a happy wedding. This early, we already have members who are set to marry on that date. But nothing beats August 8, 2008. It’s the very first time that over 30 [email protected] brides are marrying on the same date in [email protected]’s nine-year history. Add to that the other Pinoy couples outside [email protected] who also chose that date and you’ll see how busy tomorrow is gonna be for a lot of wedding suppliers. And the date’s popularity is not just here in Manila or the rest of the Philippines. In the U.S., thousands are set for an 8.8.8 date referring to it as “the date of a lifetime.” There’s also the …

Hawaii Four-O!

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One Memorable Poolside Luau for a Ruby Wedding Celebration by: John & Benz Rana article originally appeared in print: 06.04.05 We just came back from the best wedding party we’ve ever been to! The event was the Renewal of Vows and Thanksgiving Party of our parents, Fulgencio Rana, Sr. & Perla Capiral-Rana, to celebrate their 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary. We had the perfect weather, the perfect set of wedding suppliers who seamlessly set the mood, guests who came in their Hawaiian outfits ready to party, and most of all, a very happy couple finally getting the kind of wedding they never had. Papa & Mommy (that’s not a typo, that’s really how we call them!) never had an en grande wedding when they got married 40 years ago. Yet they managed to pay (in full or in part) for the weddings of their five children. So since their 25th anniversary and every five years hence, the family would toy with the idea of having a renewal of vows. On New Year’s Day of 2005, the plans became more concrete, and the ideas and talks became more serious. Aha, this is it! This is the year. finally! Our Dream Team Being …