New Job Title: Engagement Stylist!

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Meet Feliz Diestro — an engagement stylist. A what?! Well, it’s kinda like an image consultant cum personal shopper for soon-to-weds planning a prenup pictorial. (Feliz at work with [email protected], Lon (ni Rey) | photo by Jayjay Lucas) Aside from Feliz, we don’t know if there are anybody out there who does the same professionally.  But there seems to be a market for this new career.  She started last year by tagging along with her boyfriend who happens to be wedding photographer (that’s Jayjay Lucas of ImagineNation Photography) helping him with his client’s clothing for the shoot. She enjoyed doing it, so he encouraged her to do it professionally.  Nowadays, she works with other photographers as well. 🙂 Although, we urge soon-to-weds to conceptualize their prenup session themselves in consultation with their chosen photographers and make do without this additional expense, there simply are couples who do not have the time nor network to scour for props and backdrops for a concept shoot.  Some doesn’t even have a concept to begin with. This is where help comes in. Feliz says, most of her clients so far are “fly-ins”– overseas Pinoy brides/couples who been away from the Manila for some time …

Wedding Photographer on a Royal Mission!

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In last weekend’s edition of the Inquirer, wedding photographer Patrick Uy was featured in an article which retold his experience when he was invited to photograph the coronation of the king of Bhutan in words and pictures.  Here’s an excerpt: Patrick Uy is a name synonymous with weddings. Since the early ’90s when Patrick began a photography career, his services have been in high demand. He has photographed many celebrity weddings, including those of Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Jackie Ejercito and Beaver Lopez, and those of Mikey and Dato Arroyo, sons President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In November 2008, Patrick added yet another feather to his cap when he was invited to photograph the Bhutan king’s coronation. With wife Evelyn and colleagues John Tronco and Philip Santos, he went to Bhutan to document the festivities. Patrick said that the journey to Bhutan actually began in a wedding in Boracay. Fellow photographer John Tronco shot photographs for the Vietnamese groom who, it turned out, was a good friend of Bhutan’s King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. In time came the invitation to “shoot” the enthronement ceremony. “It was part of our karma that our weekend was free – that same weekend of the …

A dove & balloon release that animal rights activists and environmentalists will be happy about!

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Ever heard of  Bio Dove Balloons? These are different from conventional balloons.  It’s white, bird-shaped, and flies much slower compared to their rubber counterparts. Oh, and they’re made of 100% biodegradable materials.  This will make both animal rights activists and environmentalists happy. This product is made exclusively by UK-based Sky Lanterns, another ‘flying innovation’ we’ve featured here before. So the question now is will these be available in the Philippines? The answer is YES! Weddings by Victoria, thru it’s holding company Velpat Corp., has recently been awarded by Sky Lanterns Ltd.  the exclusive rights to distribute the original, UK-patented quality standard Sky Lanterns and Bio Dove Balloons in our country. We’ve been told that these are now available in Wedding Library branches and Dragon Fireworks outlets.  🙂 More info about the Bio Dove Balloons here.

Lantern Cakes make your reception glow… even in the dark!

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If one tells you that there are wedding cakes that actually light up, it would sound funny, isn’t it?   But if you’re shown how the lighting is incorporated to the over-all design, then it’s a different story. Lantern Cakes have become synonymous to the name Peachy Juban, a cake designer based in Parañaque.  Below are just a couple of works she’s done; from a simple three-tiered cake…   …to grandiose reception centerpiece.   These are truly works-of-art that will surely catch any guest’s attention at the reception.  To see more of Peachy’s lantern cake designs, you may visit 🙂

Get your personalized “[email protected] me. [email protected] you?” button pin this weekend!

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ATTENTION [email protected]! If you’re going to be in the Wedding Congress  at the Megatrade Hall (5th floor of Megamall) anytime this weekend (Fri to Sun | July 24, 25 & 26), kindly proceed to the booth of FotoLoco / Konsepto to claim your personalized [email protected] button pin and wear it with pride!  Mind you, it is NOT a badge to ask for discounts to participating suppliers in the event, but simply an ‘insignia’ for other [email protected] to identify you! Konsepto — the company which specialized in onsite souvenirs for weddings — gamely agreed to do the for us.  Why?  Because it’s owned and managed by Meme & Marvin who are [email protected] and they’ve been very supportive of [email protected] ever since. 🙂 So how is the button personalized?  Your pin will be done onsite while you wait.  On the 3rd yellow bar will be your name & your fiance’s {e.g. Benz (ni John)} instead of the [email protected] url as seen in the sample layout here.  By the way, the button was designed by Pauline Aprieto, a [email protected] who also happens to be a very talented layout designer based in Singapore. You may see her portfolio here. Do note there’s a minimal …

In Christ Alone – a pair of wedding rings in His honor

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Unique. Symbolic. Relevant. That’s how I describe the wedding rings of Jong & Monique.  Each ring has been individually engraved with each other’s names and stands on it’s own like any other wedding rings. Nothing really bloggable about that. What makes them truly special is that the smaller ring (Monique’s) can nestle perfectly inside the bigger ring (Jong’s).   The pair appears to makes a bigger/thicker ring when put together and their sum conveys an even bigger message. Here’s how the custom-made rings look like: (photo by JJ Lucas for Imagine Nation) The rings were especially designed and engraved for the couple by Matus Jewellery. Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus (That in all things, God may be glorified)!

A Wedding First Dance & A Virgin – an MJ Tribute

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If you search on YouTube, you will find various clips of newlyweds groovin’ to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” as their first dance.  Clearly, it’s popularity was inspired by this scene from the movie “13 going on 30”. But arguably the most famous video of a Thriller wedding dance is the clip below which shows the entire wedding party doing the zombie jigs with 9M+ views (well, maybe not as much views as compared with the Cebu prison inmates which now has 27M+ view).  Clearly, the groom knows the right moves. The video has been featured in CBS’ The Early Show and the “Real Life Wedding” issue of People Magazine.  Check it out. But of course, it’s probably Madonna who’s the first-ever to dance to a Michael Jackson tune while wearing a wedding dress when she did it on “The Virgin Tour” back in the 80s. Truly, an homage to a great music era!  The gloved one who thrilled the world has gone too soon.

Musical Marriage Proposal at Disneyland – viral ad or for real?

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Saw Karl posted the clip below in FB earlier today. What’s it about? Here’s how the Disney peeps described it: “A magical moment happens on Main Street, U.S.A. when a young man proposes to his girlfriend on a Summer evening in Disneyland Resort.” Congrats John & Erika!  It’s definitely a streetacular proposal!  Staged or not, everything is possible in Disneyland. 😉

Send your wedding wishes toward the sky!

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Imagine a dozen or more paper lanterns glowing and floating the nighttime skies.   They’re called sky lanterns or fire lanterns and they are gaining popularity in weddings in the UK.  Those who tuned in the Judai & Ryan wedding TV special may have seen their guests releasing what seem like glowing paper balloons.  Now, people are asking what they were and were to get them. Sky lanterns is a great addition, or alternative, to firework displays. Online, they’re available in sites like Via the [email protected] (Suppliers’ Discussion Group), we learned that Design Manila have this available locally.  View this video for an actual launch of these lanterns in a recent event they’ve handled. Light it up.  Make a wish. Then let it fly. 🙂

Iba na ang (groom na) matangkad!

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While browsing the website of Celebrations! — the bridal show & special events expo happening this weekend in SMX — I’ve encountered this feature about this unique product for men who wants to add a few more inches in time for the honeymoon… er… wedding day pala! 🙂 It’s by Bradford Shoe Co. which is joining a wedding fair for the first time.  The company has developed  “height tech” shoes for men who want to look 3-4″ inches taller instantly and effortlessly.  The shoes look and feel no different from regular shoes. Unlike elevator shoes, Bradford claims theirs are specially designed and engineered by not simply inserting additional insole into regular shoes.  They say doing this would make a regular shoe extremely uncomfortable, painful and may even injure your feet.  Below is a diagram of Bradford’s AddHeight-Technology.   This is especially worth considering for grooms who want to appear taller than his bride especially if she’s really keen on wearing high heels. As for me, I’ll go look for the Bradford booth in Celebrations! this weekend and try me a pair! Astig kaya matangkad!  hehehe. 🙂

A Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal in Manila’s post-911 airport!

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  (photo courtesy of Business Mirror) (MANILA | excerpted from People at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were treated to an early Valentine’s Day drama on Thursday after a male nurse used the airport’s premises to propose marriage to his girlfriend of two years, a flight attendant. Eugene Padua, 26, of Taytay, Rizal, a nurse at UST Hospital, proposed marriage to his girlfriend, Marian Ocampo, 23, of Zambales, a flight attendant of Asiana Airlines of four years, right at the NAIA Terminal 1 arrival area. Curious passengers and airport personnel who were in the area kept their distance as they watched Padua formally ask Ocampo to marry him. The flight attendant accepted. The airport security office gave its go-signal to the marriage proposal on the condition that it be quick and would not disrupt operations. Tirso Serrano, MIAA (Manila International Airport Authority) assistant general manager for corporate development and public affairs, said it was not the first time that someone proposed at NAIA. “Proposals being done at the NAIA prove that we are the friendliest and most accommodating airport. Proposals done at the NAIA are starting to become a trend and we are happy to be a part …

Themed Wedding: Star Wars

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’tis the season of Pinoy weddings.  With a number of weddings to attend to this month, what makes one different from the other? It’s the theme, baby! Check this one out. It’s a Star Wars-themed wedding of Tiger Garrido and Issa Litton. (photo by Pat Dy) dThe bride’s unique bridal gown was designed by Michi Calica and the moon-shaped ‘Death Star’ wedding cake was delicately whipped by Bizu. There was even a lightsaber duel between the bride & groom as they made their Grand Entrance. A squad of Stormtroopers were there to stand as guards to the newly-wedded jedis. 🙂 More photos from this wedding are posted in Pat Dy’s blog. Check out the onsite video here (utilizing the music from “Episode I – The Phantom Manace” soundtrack) by Jason Magbanua to see the details in this unique theme wedding. 🙂

Wedding Photographer’s Review: Canon 5D Mark II

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Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto gave us a heads up of his review of this new Canon camera.  Metrophoto has been one of the [email protected] favorites since they first appeared and participated in the free prenup sessions during last year’s [email protected] Christmas Party. Here’s Oly talking about the general conditions when Metrophoto tried the new toy. “Metrophoto was very blessed to get the chance to use and review the Canon 5D Mark 2 in just only a few weeks after its announcement. Thanks to John Chua and JayR Romero, we are the very first wedding photographers here in the Philippines (probably just second in the world after Steve and Jen Bebb’s review) to be able to get a hand on the only existing 5D Mark II in the country. 🙂 Isn’t that just pure awesomeness? 😀 We had the camera the entire Saturday for our very magnificent engagement session with Migs and Denise where we shot on the sailboat in the murky waters of Manila Bay and then continued on to Nasugbu in Batangas where rain caught up on us and ruined (well, more of enchanted) our supposed-to-be sunset setting.” See & hear the review in the video below.  The clips …

Flashdrives as wedding gifts!

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We’re here in Boracay right now to witness the beach wedding of Mimi + Karl — destination wedding photographers.  Naaaaks! hehehe. We heard the ceremony later is going be short so there will be more time to party, party, party! But this post is not about their wedding per se.  It’s about our little wedding gift to them. Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not the type who brags about what we give to others.  It’s just that the mini-M+K clay figurines are just to irresistible not to blog.  Here’s how they look… Aren’t they cute?  These were custom-made for us by Clay Creations by Aileen.  But the coolness doesn’t stop there.  These aren’t just useless trinkets that would gather dust in time.  They are actually handy, his & hers, USB/thumbdrives.  Just pull their little heads out and wallah! If you got friends and family who’s celebrating their birthdays or any other special occasion, this could be a gift idea worth considering.  Oh, and they can also make your personalized wedding caketoppers.  To see some of their work, visit their

Little gown for the Little Bride!

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    Sasha Bridals and its sister company, Bumblebee & Co. — baby & kiddie costume maker — synergized and brought together their respective expertise to create this mini-bridal gown. Mind you that it’s no ordinary flower girl dress. The attire will be a definite standout for a little girl who is equally as important as the bride herself.  It’s the perfect outfit for the adorable daughter of any mommy bride or the favorite niece of the couple. See here other adorable images of this mini-bridal creation.

Papal Blessing for your Wedding!

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(photo courtesy of Dino Lara) Above is a photo of Larry & Whally who displayed their Papal Blessing Certificate during the ceremony of their August 30 wedding.  The couple is one of the numerous [email protected] couples who got themselves the certificate directly from the Vatican.  This was made possible when Gen (ni Rod) — a [email protected] based in Rome — offered to request the Papal Blessings on the [email protected] behalf. What exactly is a Papal Blessing? Also known as Benediction Papalis, this blessing is imparted by the the sitting Catholic Pontiff (Pope Benedict XVI in this case).  It may be requested by Catholics for any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The certificate — beautifully printed on a parchment — is not the actual blessing from the Holy Father, but only a tangible reminder of it (more info about Papal Blessings here). Due to the volume, Gen set-up this multiply site to accommodate requests, not just from [email protected], but to others who might want to receive their own Papal Blessing Certificates or those who want give these as special gifts for the soon-to-weds or their loved ones.