Papal Blessing for your Wedding!

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(photo courtesy of Dino Lara) Above is a photo of Larry & Whally who displayed their Papal Blessing Certificate during the ceremony of their August 30 wedding.  The couple is one of the numerous [email protected] couples who got themselves the certificate directly from the Vatican.  This was made possible when Gen (ni Rod) — a [email protected] based in Rome — offered to request the Papal Blessings on the [email protected] behalf. What exactly is a Papal Blessing? Also known as Benediction Papalis, this blessing is imparted by the the sitting Catholic Pontiff (Pope Benedict XVI in this case).  It may be requested by Catholics for any occasion such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The certificate — beautifully printed on a parchment — is not the actual blessing from the Holy Father, but only a tangible reminder of it (more info about Papal Blessings here). Due to the volume, Gen set-up this multiply site to accommodate requests, not just from [email protected], but to others who might want to receive their own Papal Blessing Certificates or those who want give these as special gifts for the soon-to-weds or their loved ones.

Summit Media launches Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines

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(PRESS RELEASE) A woman’s wedding day is one of the most important events of her life. That is why a great deal of preparation goes into making this one day beautiful, personal, and memorable—not just for the bride and her groom, but for all who will share in the celebration. To help every Filipina bride-to-be have the wedding of her dreams, Summit Media, the country’s leading magazine publishing company, brings Martha Stewart Weddings to the Philippines. With Martha Stewart brand’s signature creativity and style, Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines (the very first international edition of the title) will inspire a new audience of brides eager to make their wedding day truly special. Martha Stewart Weddings is the leading resource for the bride who wants a wedding that is beyond the ordinary. Filled with fresh ideas, inspiring photographs, and how-to information, the magazine takes readers from the engagement to the honeymoon and beyond, into their new married lives. Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines will take the best of the American edition and tailor it with ideas and inspiration developed especially for the Filipina bride. The premiere issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines features the best bridal ideas—from choosing a color scheme and theme …

08.08.08 – Auspicious, Olympic Weddings!

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  Tomorrow’s THE date. It’s gonna be 08-08-08! Just within our online community alone, there are 34 [email protected] brides set to wed tomorrow! That’s almost quadruple the number of [email protected] married on 07.07.07 despite the triple 7 date falling on a Saturday last year. We doubt if 09.09.09 (Wednesday) would even be a bit as popular. But 10.10.10 (Sunday) is showing a lot of promise as the next wedding date of choice, at least for Filipino soon-to-weds, since it sounds like ‘ten-ten-te-ten’ — a local kiddie chant/phrase that practically represents a happy wedding. This early, we already have members who are set to marry on that date. But nothing beats August 8, 2008. It’s the very first time that over 30 [email protected] brides are marrying on the same date in [email protected]’s nine-year history. Add to that the other Pinoy couples outside [email protected] who also chose that date and you’ll see how busy tomorrow is gonna be for a lot of wedding suppliers. And the date’s popularity is not just here in Manila or the rest of the Philippines. In the U.S., thousands are set for an 8.8.8 date referring to it as “the date of a lifetime.” There’s also the …

When a wedding got Jiggy with it!

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Exactly a month ago, GMA News reporter Jiggy Manicad married Marnie Pulumbarit in a ceremony held at Christ the King in Greenmeadows. To know how the two started as a couple, read about their “Choc-Nut love affair.” (the couple’s save-the-date layout by AdWorks) We know that the groom is used to delivering spiels for his reports being a news correspondent. But Jiggy’s marriage vow was short and unrehearsed in a rare mix of Tagalog and English. Yet his simple words made the message more heartfelt. “Marnie, matagal na nating hinintay ang day na ito. And maaaring ‘di ko mabigay sa ‘yo ang sun or moon; but I assure you of my fidelity, commitment, love and prayers. Mahal na mahal kita.” Their exchange of vows was captured by Bob Nicolas in the same-day edit he did for the wedding. Personally, my favorite part of the video was when the groom turned off the lights in one scene. Here’s a direct link to Jiggy & Marnie’s onsite video.

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Metro Weddings Directory 2008

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METRO WEDDINGS DIRECTORY YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR PLANNING THE BIG DAY! SOURCING and SEARCHING When we conceived of this special issue of METRO WEDDINGS, we kept in mind the jumble of confusion a bride experiences when planning a wedding. After the engagement, most brides don’t know where to begin and who to call. They pick up magazines like METRO WEDDINGS and get ideas. They enter a bridal fair and meet as many suppliers as they can. They go online to check company profiles, portfolios, menus and photos. They call friends and relatives who recently got married and ask for suppliers they can recommend. Usually the “working” brides dedicate their weekends for this, dragging their obedient grooms with them. Come Sunday, most brides have an information overload and often end up to be just as confused as when they began. This is why we created a directory that not only has updated contact information, but a short description of each of the supplier’s strength. We tried our best to relieve you of the guesswork. We spoke to over a hundred suppliers and included here only those we felt confident enough to recommend to you. But we at METRO WEDDINGS also believe …

Rajo Laurel and Frederick Peralta design… cakes!

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(excerpt from We know they can make gorgeous wedding gowns. Now, thanks to a tie-up with popular cake maker Red Ribbon, fashion designers Rajo Laurel and Frederick Peralta prove they can dish out beautiful wedding cakes as well. The designers, who were commissioned to create a dozen cake designs each, will see six of their works included in Red Ribbon’s line of new cakes available beginning June 7, and the remaining half in the bakeshop’s roster of sweet treats in the last quarter of the year. This is a first in the industry with Red Ribbon partnering with two of the country’s top fashion designers, Rajo Laurel and Frederick Peralta, to come up with beautiful cakes inspired by the latest fashion trends in wedding gowns. [MORE…]

Points to ponder in preparing your dream house

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(artwork by Rodolfo Ragodon / article from Preparation for future homeowners is almost like planning for a wedding. It can be time-consuming and demanding, but not unmanageable. A great deal of time should be spent on planning and research. 1. Decide on your priorities Especially for first time homeowners, ask yourself: How important is the house I’m planning to build? Is this really my dream house? Or am I planning to build something bigger and better? Arch. Antonio V. Turalba, Jr., president of real estate office, Active Group, Inc., notes, “There are usually two types of home owners: the one who will settle for a small but ‘complete’ house or the one who would opt to have a big house and work piece by piece on the details. This is a common practice among medium class subdivisions inside and along the outskirts of Metro Manila.”

Say Cheese (Cake)!

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First thing’s first: If you don’t know yet, yesterday’s blog entry was an April Fool’s joke. It was pure fiction and was done out of fun. 😀 With that out of the way, here’s today’s topic: CAKES! We’re both a sweet-tooth and we don’t need to celebrate a birthday in the family to have an excuse in buying a whole Hizon’s birthday cake. 🙂 For wedding cakes, we get to taste something so ‘memorable’ once every so often that we end up ordering it for our own private consumption. That was the effect of Alex Franco’s cake had on us the first time we tasted it several years ago. Our current favorite is Joy San Gabriel‘s cheesecakes decked with those little fresh fruits on top. One of us doesn’t even eat cheesecakes but had a change of heart after tasting this. Even the mini-cake tower that Joy sponsored in last year’s [email protected] Christmas party — with 200 individual cakes — was wiped-out in a flash! It wasn’t solely our fault. Those little fruits are just too damn colorful to be ignore even to those who haven’t tasted the cake. We admit we secured a couple (okay, maybe more than a …

His “Royal” Wedding

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No, it wasn’t a prince who got married. If you’re a child of the 80s, you’d remember Joey — the character in a series of Royal Tru-Orange TV ads — played by RJ Ledesama, the brand’s most popular poster boy. We’ll, the boy’s all grown-up now and married lawyer and former Penshoppe model Vanessa Pastor early this month. For a glimpse of their wedding, here’s Jason Magbanua’s onsite video clip. For a blast form the past, watch one of Joey’s Royal commercial. “Aling Flor, mantika ho!” 😀

Hawaii Four-O!

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One Memorable Poolside Luau for a Ruby Wedding Celebration by: John & Benz Rana article originally appeared in print: 06.04.05 We just came back from the best wedding party we’ve ever been to! The event was the Renewal of Vows and Thanksgiving Party of our parents, Fulgencio Rana, Sr. & Perla Capiral-Rana, to celebrate their 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary. We had the perfect weather, the perfect set of wedding suppliers who seamlessly set the mood, guests who came in their Hawaiian outfits ready to party, and most of all, a very happy couple finally getting the kind of wedding they never had. Papa & Mommy (that’s not a typo, that’s really how we call them!) never had an en grande wedding when they got married 40 years ago. Yet they managed to pay (in full or in part) for the weddings of their five children. So since their 25th anniversary and every five years hence, the family would toy with the idea of having a renewal of vows. On New Year’s Day of 2005, the plans became more concrete, and the ideas and talks became more serious. Aha, this is it! This is the year. finally! Our Dream Team Being …

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The Unity Coins

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In a wedding, an arrhae (wedding coins or arras as it’s known here in the Philippines) traditionally symbolizes the groom’s ability of to support his bride and confirms his position as the breadwinner of their future family. The thirteen (13) arras coins represents wealth and prosperity for each month of the year with an extra to spare assuring luck for the newlyweds and their future family the whole year through and beyond. The ritual of the arras, where the groom would pass the coins to his bride, has always been an integral part of every Catholic Filipino wedding. This symbolic rite was influenced by the Spaniards centuries ago as they brought Christianity here in the Philippines. Similar arras rituals are still practiced today in Spain and Mexico. For us Filipinos, the arrhae gave way to the addition of another little boy in the wedding party — the Coin Bearer! Just like the Ring Bearer, this role is usually reserved for a favorite nephew or a good friend’s son. But while the traditional arrhae have come to only symbolize material wealth with the man pledging support for his wife, today’s couples face married life together in a more mutually-supportive way than …

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Cardinal Rosales to NSO: Priests know best in sanctifying marriage

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(via Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales on Sunday said he was dismayed by recent move of the National Statistics Office (NSO) to require all solemnizing officers to undergo training before conducting any wedding ceremonies. “We understand the concern of NSO because we also know of abuses done by the so called ministers of the Gospel (not priests), but they should not be like that to us, as if we know nothing,” Rosales said. According to Rosales, the Catholic Church had been performing marriage for more than 2,000 years now and it is really disheartening on their part. “The truth of the matter is we have been solemnizing weddings for 2,000 years already and now they are going to teach us how? Now we are going to see who is really more capable,” Rosales said in an interview. Rosales, who is also the head of the Commission on Clergy of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) noted that while he understands the decision of the government, it should however not be made to appear as if they know nothing as priests. [READ MORE…]

Attention: Wedding Guests!

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If you got a wedding to attend to this month or next, then this one’s for you. This is actually a previous article we’ve written for our PrepTalk column two years ago but remains relevant every year. We tackled some questions on every wedding guest’s mind then tried to answer them. Soon-to-weds: feel free to send the link to your guests or cut & paste the article to post in your respective blogs or email to your guests. This may also serve as a sneaky way to tell your guests what you REALLY like as a wedding gift without actually telling it yourself. 😉 Read the article here.

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Wedding Trick: Why wedding ring is assigned to the fourth finger?

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This trick has circulated via forwarded emails and it’s amazing what it reveals. First, let’s find out what each finger stands for. Your thumb represents your parents. The pointer/index finger represents your siblings. The middle finger represents yourself. The ring finger represents your life partner; and your pinkie represents your children. Now to answer the above question, head on to Fol’s blog as he revealed why the wedding ring is assigned to the fourth finger.

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Homer & Marge Simpson weds!

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Aside from the subject and the accompanying image for this entry, I must admit that nothing else in this post is wedding-related. This is actually just a random thought about The Simpsons Movie as one of us is a BIG fan of the show. Though there was a part in the movie when Homer was watching their wedding video, this is not the point of this post.The film is entertaining not in the big Hollywood blockbuster kinda way, but the creators clearly had fun making the movie with the intention to sometimes mess up with the audience. Don’t expect much, it’s the TV show on the big screen. If this weekend you’re already in Megamall visiting the Wedding Congress, why not hit the cinemas afterward to watch. It’s fun! More of my random thoughts about the movie here.

The Sand Ceremony

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For soon-to-weds planning a beach wedding, you may want to consider the Sand Ceremony. This is one novel alternative to the unity candle ceremony incorporated into many western weddings.The essence of this ritual is to symbolize the union of two into one. The ceremony is not only meaningful and interesting but also more appropriate for an outdoor setting.     Christian weddings also incorporate the Sand Ceremony in other venues other than the beach. If you’re tying the knot in a Catholic church, you may want to ask your officiating priest if he would allow it. There is wide assortment of colored sands available in craft stores. You may also find colored “sands” (actually fine salt with coloring) in Divisoria at P50-P60/kilo. The only downside to this alternative is when the moisture gets into the vase especially when you intend to make the symbolic sand mixture as a keepsake after the wedding. If you’re interested in doing this for your wedding, learn how to go about it.