Send your wedding wishes toward the sky!

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Imagine a dozen or more paper lanterns glowing and floating the nighttime skies.   They’re called sky lanterns or fire lanterns and they are gaining popularity in weddings in the UK.  Those who tuned in the Judai & Ryan wedding TV special may have seen their guests releasing what seem like glowing paper balloons.  Now, people are asking what they were and were to get them. Sky lanterns is a great addition, or alternative, to firework displays. Online, they’re available in sites like Via the [email protected] (Suppliers’ Discussion Group), we learned that Design Manila have this available locally.  View this video for an actual launch of these lanterns in a recent event they’ve handled. Light it up.  Make a wish. Then let it fly. 🙂

Iba na ang (groom na) matangkad!

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While browsing the website of Celebrations! — the bridal show & special events expo happening this weekend in SMX — I’ve encountered this feature about this unique product for men who wants to add a few more inches in time for the honeymoon… er… wedding day pala! 🙂 It’s by Bradford Shoe Co. which is joining a wedding fair for the first time.  The company has developed  “height tech” shoes for men who want to look 3-4″ inches taller instantly and effortlessly.  The shoes look and feel no different from regular shoes. Unlike elevator shoes, Bradford claims theirs are specially designed and engineered by not simply inserting additional insole into regular shoes.  They say doing this would make a regular shoe extremely uncomfortable, painful and may even injure your feet.  Below is a diagram of Bradford’s AddHeight-Technology.   This is especially worth considering for grooms who want to appear taller than his bride especially if she’s really keen on wearing high heels. As for me, I’ll go look for the Bradford booth in Celebrations! this weekend and try me a pair! Astig kaya matangkad!  hehehe. 🙂

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I was in on the year’s biggest secret!

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The following article was originally posted via facebook. Written by Trina Belamide, whose family owns the compound where the hush hush, private celebrity wedding reception of actress Judy Ann Santos to TV host Ryan Agoncillo took place. Plans about this union was kept under wraps and its truly commendable how such a high profile showbiz couple was able to do so. We’ve read a few articles of what transpired during that April 28 nuptials. But not much has been said about how this wedding was actually planned until now. Coincidentally, it was also Trina who gave us a peek into another celebrity wedding back in 2006 when she agreed to answers our questions about the song she did for Claudine Barreto & Raymart Santiago’s wedding.  Back then, she talked to us as an artist and a songwriter.  For this article, she wears a different hat by  candidly narrating her first-hand story about the wedding, from the time their resort was booked up until the brunch reception.   Allow her to take us with her as she gives us a glimpse into another celebrity wedding.  Read on…

First-hand account: Untold stories about the Juday-Ryan wedding

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The following excerpt came from the article which appeared in today’s edition of The Philippine Star.  Written by Büm D. Tenorio Jr. (who also took the accompanying picture of the bride) witnessed the entire wedding festivities from sunup to sundown.  Read his personal account… – – – – – – – – – – The invite, which came in a rectangular native brown box read: “Eto na ‘to. Inuman na! Punta kang nakaputi. Sikreto lamang natin ‘to ah.” Most guests got their invites four days before the wedding via mail. The invite also came with the left pair of slipper. The other pair was claimed at the dinner reception. The slippers became the “official” footwear of the guests at the wedding dinner. Juday’s and Ryan’s names were not mentioned in the invite. Many, however, were able to figure out whose wedding it was when they called the R.S.V.P. number of Rita Neri, the country’s premier wedding coordinator. Neri’s office confirmed it was indeed the wedding of Ryan and Juday and they never gave further information. A sense of adventure was definitely an intrinsic ingredient of the wedding and only those who were truly close to the couple would understand the …

Tales about the Juday & Ryan wedding…

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(photo by Patrick Uy) So today turns out to be THE day of local celebrities Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillio. Theirs was one of the most anticipated weddings, but details were kept under wraps until the very last hour.  Father Tito Caluag officiated the low-key ceremony held in San Juan Nepomuceno Parish Church in San Juan, Batangas, just this morning at 7 AM. Last week, entertainment writer Ricky Lo said in STAR’s Funfare last week that the altar date is on May 2 in Tagaytay as his insider-informer spilled the beans, so to speak.  Dolly Anne Carvajal of Inquirer’s Dollywood corroborated the story claiming that the details came from “an unimpeachable source.” 😀 We’ve heard about the April 28 wedding date a couple of weeks ago.  It was a definitely scoop but we can’t even blog about it.  Not when the wedding suppliers were requested to abide to a non-disclosure agreement. even reported that Willie Revillame received a text and read it aloud in this afternoon’s edition of “Wowowee” that the couple imposed a P5 million fine for the wedding’s suppliers if anyone squealed about the wedding date, location and other details. Whoa! 😯 While other news sites …

A Bohemian & purple wedding: Sarah Meier (supermodel / MTV veejay) & Banjo Albano (event producer)

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(onsite video by Threelogy) (excerpted from The date was set last March 3, for the Albano-Meier nuptial. It was a Bohemian and purple motif church wedding at the Caleruega Church in Tagaytay. Reception was held at at Hacienda Isabella. Others may not know, but Sarah Meier and Banjo Albano are already married. They had their civil wedding in New York three years back. “We’ve been together for five years, two and a half years before the civil wedding. I’ve been married for three years. We met each other in New York,” Sarah revealed. “We feel we need to do the church wedding. After being together for three years, you want to go the next level of commitment and you know, iba naman talaga if you are blessed in the eyes of God. It’s been such a wonderful spiritual journey—getting to know my husband on a higher level. They explained what it really means to be man and wife. Not just being live-in partners or married by some judge. It’s a Catholic wedding. When you get to know the true meaning of what it’s like to be husband and wife, to be married in the biblical teachings, ang sarap talaga …

Jay Contreras & Sarah Abad’s Rockstar Wedding!

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(photo by Edwin Tuyay) Last February 12, Jay Contreras (frontman of the band Kamikaze) married Sarah Abad (sister of actress Kaye Abad) in a ceremony held at Paco Park.  Their color motif?  BLACK.  The entourage and wedding guests were all wearing dresses and suits in that color yet the general tone didn’t look morbid at all.  At best, it came out unconventional and fun simply looking at the pictures.  Even the bride’s gown was accentuated by a black waistband which looked elegant.  The groom’s long hair was even braided while the couple’s tattoos provided a refreshing contrast to the typical wedding photos. Their chosen wedding ceremony venue was a bit controversial for a few as we read some comments in couple of personal blogs who have posted about this celebrity wedding. A few felt that having a ‘cemetery’ for a venue was a bit too weird or creepy for their taste. So we feel a little clarification is in order: [source: wikipedia] “Paco Park  was once Manila’s municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period.  But burial or interment at the place already ceased in 1912. Descendants of those who were buried in the park had the remains of their ancestors …

A Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal in Manila’s post-911 airport!

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  (photo courtesy of Business Mirror) (MANILA | excerpted from People at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were treated to an early Valentine’s Day drama on Thursday after a male nurse used the airport’s premises to propose marriage to his girlfriend of two years, a flight attendant. Eugene Padua, 26, of Taytay, Rizal, a nurse at UST Hospital, proposed marriage to his girlfriend, Marian Ocampo, 23, of Zambales, a flight attendant of Asiana Airlines of four years, right at the NAIA Terminal 1 arrival area. Curious passengers and airport personnel who were in the area kept their distance as they watched Padua formally ask Ocampo to marry him. The flight attendant accepted. The airport security office gave its go-signal to the marriage proposal on the condition that it be quick and would not disrupt operations. Tirso Serrano, MIAA (Manila International Airport Authority) assistant general manager for corporate development and public affairs, said it was not the first time that someone proposed at NAIA. “Proposals being done at the NAIA prove that we are the friendliest and most accommodating airport. Proposals done at the NAIA are starting to become a trend and we are happy to be a part …

Hong Kong celebrity couple tied-the-knot in Manila!

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[via China Daily] Finally after nine years of courtship and one year of registered marriage, Hong Kong TV celebrity Dickie Cheung and actress Zhang Qian had a formal wedding ceremony to mark the occasion held in the Philippines on January 12, 2009. The local government has extended a warm welcome to the two, in particular to Zhang Qian, who was tourism ambassador to the Philippines last year. With assistance from the authorities, the ceremony was held in the 400-year-old San Agustin Church in Manila, and ended off with a large firework display, Cheung told the Ming Pao Weekly. Popular TV hosts Dai Jun and Li Jing hosted the event; among the celebrity guests invited to the wedding ceremony were Andy Hui, Edmund Leung, Han Hong, Sammi Cheng and William Soo. The couple has invited nearly 200 guests to this all-expenses-paid event, Cheung says. Decked out in local traditional wedding dress, the two lovebirds had a pre-wedding photo shoot on Saturday (please see above) at the exclusive Club Punta Fuego in Batangas, a port city near Manila. Their outfits were provided by the Philippine Tourism Authority and were designed by a Filipino designer using pineapple fibers. Dickie Cheung and Zhang Qian …

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Act [email protected]!

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(photo by Mot Rasay) [email protected] ([email protected]) is a spin-off eGroup of [email protected]  Last December 20, the [email protected] shared their blessings and the joyous Christmas spirit with some less-fortunate children.  We are hoping that the endeavor was just the beginning of a regular slew of activities aimed at extending a helping hand to those in need. It was a fun event and looking at the pictures, it’s truly heartwarming to see the kids happy. See their happy faces here: Act [email protected] (Abie Co’s Multiply)  Act [email protected] with the [email protected] (Mot Rasay’s Multiply) It’s important to note that the [email protected] did this project without prodding from either me or Benz. Each [email protected] contacted people for his/her personal network and pulled together their resources to make this undertaking a success. To all the people and entities who donated in cash or in kind, MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO! 🙂

Themed Wedding: Star Wars

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’tis the season of Pinoy weddings.  With a number of weddings to attend to this month, what makes one different from the other? It’s the theme, baby! Check this one out. It’s a Star Wars-themed wedding of Tiger Garrido and Issa Litton. (photo by Pat Dy) dThe bride’s unique bridal gown was designed by Michi Calica and the moon-shaped ‘Death Star’ wedding cake was delicately whipped by Bizu. There was even a lightsaber duel between the bride & groom as they made their Grand Entrance. A squad of Stormtroopers were there to stand as guards to the newly-wedded jedis. 🙂 More photos from this wedding are posted in Pat Dy’s blog. Check out the onsite video here (utilizing the music from “Episode I – The Phantom Manace” soundtrack) by Jason Magbanua to see the details in this unique theme wedding. 🙂

Real couple: Barack & Michelle Obama

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This relaxed 1992 wedding portrait sits on the Obamas’ living room mantel. [source: People] Barack Obama, 47, inspired a lot of people all over the world when he was elected the 44th president of the United States of America and being the very first African-American to do so.  Even his marriage is admired by the people who supported him. He and his wife Michelle, 44, were married in October 3, 1992. In an interview, Michelle talked about her husband’s wedding vows: “Barack didn’t pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting. On that promise he’s delivered.” One observation says the greatest benefits of the Obama presidency is hidden in plain sight: the relationship between Michelle and Barack. They provide a great role model of a healthy relationship, at a time when such models are sorely needed. Here are some articles about the Obamas’ relationship/marriage: Obamas recall first date, proposal that ‘shut up’ Michelle (Chicago Sun-Times) The Obama Relationship: A Major Benefit Nobody’s Talking About (The Huffington Post) Quotes about the marriage of Michelle & Barack Obama ( The Obama Marriage ( The Obamas’ Greatest PDA Moments (SLIDESHOW)

Presidential daugther Luli Arroyo set to wed next year?

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Last Friday, reports came out that presidential daughter, Evangelina Lourdes “Luli” Arroyo, 37, will tie the knot with J. Aloysius ‘Luigi’ Bernas on January 9, 2009 in Bohol (inset: Luli & Luigi with designer Rhett Eala in the middle in this file photo courtesy of Inquirer). (excerpt from Bohol Chronicle) Luli, who holds a masters degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, is the only unmarried child of the President. Luigi, reportedly around ten years older than Luli, is a son of lawyer Antonio Bernas and a nephew of Ateneo Law School Dean and 1986 Constitutional Commission member Fr. Joaquin Bernas. Asked to comment regarding the reports of her Bohol wedding, Luli told ABS-CBN News in an e-mail that she never talks about her personal life. “My personal life has never been open to media and that doesn’t change.” – – – – – – – – – – – At present, there are conflicting reports about the supposed presidential altar date. President’s daughter ‘Luli’ getting married (ABS-CBN) GMA mum on daughter’s wedding plans (Inquirer) First Gentleman approves of Luli’s fiancé (ABS-CBN) President’s daughter to wed in Bohol (Bohol Chronicle) Arroyo’s daughter denies wedding plans (Gulf News)

Wedding Photographer’s Review: Canon 5D Mark II

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Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto gave us a heads up of his review of this new Canon camera.  Metrophoto has been one of the [email protected] favorites since they first appeared and participated in the free prenup sessions during last year’s [email protected] Christmas Party. Here’s Oly talking about the general conditions when Metrophoto tried the new toy. “Metrophoto was very blessed to get the chance to use and review the Canon 5D Mark 2 in just only a few weeks after its announcement. Thanks to John Chua and JayR Romero, we are the very first wedding photographers here in the Philippines (probably just second in the world after Steve and Jen Bebb’s review) to be able to get a hand on the only existing 5D Mark II in the country. 🙂 Isn’t that just pure awesomeness? 😀 We had the camera the entire Saturday for our very magnificent engagement session with Migs and Denise where we shot on the sailboat in the murky waters of Manila Bay and then continued on to Nasugbu in Batangas where rain caught up on us and ruined (well, more of enchanted) our supposed-to-be sunset setting.” See & hear the review in the video below.  The clips …

Flashdrives as wedding gifts!

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We’re here in Boracay right now to witness the beach wedding of Mimi + Karl — destination wedding photographers.  Naaaaks! hehehe. We heard the ceremony later is going be short so there will be more time to party, party, party! But this post is not about their wedding per se.  It’s about our little wedding gift to them. Please don’t get us wrong. We’re not the type who brags about what we give to others.  It’s just that the mini-M+K clay figurines are just to irresistible not to blog.  Here’s how they look… Aren’t they cute?  These were custom-made for us by Clay Creations by Aileen.  But the coolness doesn’t stop there.  These aren’t just useless trinkets that would gather dust in time.  They are actually handy, his & hers, USB/thumbdrives.  Just pull their little heads out and wallah! If you got friends and family who’s celebrating their birthdays or any other special occasion, this could be a gift idea worth considering.  Oh, and they can also make your personalized wedding caketoppers.  To see some of their work, visit their

Little gown for the Little Bride!

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    Sasha Bridals and its sister company, Bumblebee & Co. — baby & kiddie costume maker — synergized and brought together their respective expertise to create this mini-bridal gown. Mind you that it’s no ordinary flower girl dress. The attire will be a definite standout for a little girl who is equally as important as the bride herself.  It’s the perfect outfit for the adorable daughter of any mommy bride or the favorite niece of the couple. See here other adorable images of this mini-bridal creation.