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My love for suits came before the inception of BKS Men… way before my exposure to fashion and wedding industries in general. My appreciation for dressing well came from my father who taught me that a man can be as comfortable in suits at as he is in house clothes. My old man managed high-end hotels in the Philippines and he was expected to dress the part. He had to be ready for impromptu meetings with important clients and long-haul travels abroad. Thanks to Daddy, I learned the importance of clean lines and immaculate stitching which is why I get excited when grooms come to me to have their suits made. Weddings may have always be considered the bride’s day but there is no harm in letting the groom look dapper as he shines the spotlight on his bride. With this, let me share with you some knowledge I acquired from spending my younger years at the haberdashery combined with the years I’ve spent making sure grooms can keep up with their brides: Nothing beats custom-fit “Duh,” my nieces would say. This may sound too obvious and self-serving, but hear me out. So many grooms come to me prepared to …

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The Groom Code: This Is Our Story

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Finally, you got the girl, the woman of your dreams. There she goes, all glammed up, with her heels so high, smile so bright, and dress so white. There you are, the sleek gentleman you always imagined yourself to be. Donning that classic coat, grinning from ear to ear, at last, the knight in shining armor has arrived. Everything is unbelievably exemplary. You ask yourself how did you ever get to this point so smoothly and what the heck, is next? Being together forever with your ever-beautiful girlfriend is definitely a picture perfect fantasy. Imagine, kneeling on one knee, asking her hand for marriage, getting a “yes,” updating your Facebook relationship status, that’s it, you are engaged. Planning, preparation, and all? Bring it on! Sounds easy right? Nah. Believe me, it’s not as chill as it looks like. Sometimes I wonder why bookstores lack self-help materials about the road to being a groom, a fantastic husband, and everything else in between the life before and after, gulp, the wedding. While our beloved soon-to-be-wives have tons of check-lists, guides, and reading resources about the big day, here we are, clueless on how to physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually prepare for …