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WaWparazzi: VJ Yambao and Camille Prats Prenup Shoot

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These 2 are more than just clients to me, they are my friends who’s like family. It excites me to think that their wedding is fast approaching, seeing how their love survived the true test of “LDR” (long distance relationship). And in the end all the wait is truly worth it, when their 20 years in the making love story gets sealed at the altar this January 2017. You see, VJ and Camille first met when they were in kindergarten, 20 plus years ago. And as fate would have it, they met again few years ago and never to separate again. It was just fitting that their prenup shoot and prenup video shoot were done in a place close to their heart- Los Angeles, California. This place was where their love started, grew deeper and truly a place where a lot of great memories happened. I am honored to be part of their love journey. From the proposal to the prenuptial shoot, bridal shower and of course, the wedding day. And am just as excited looking forward to the next milestones in their lives….. as always, I’ll be there for them, not only as their trusted photographer, but more so …

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The Story of the Php100,000 WaW Wedding

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“A Php100,000 wedding? Ang saya siguro kung sama-sama tayo sa isang wedding!” Over breakfast while at Abe’s Farm in Pampanga, these suppliers were chatting when an idea came to them. What if they work together in one wedding? Imagine 15 of the brightest wedding suppliers working taking care of one wedding. How lucky must the bride feel to have these amazing suppliers work on her big day! This simple idea started the ball rolling. It was an idea of a fun project to give one lucky bride to have her dream wedding for just Php100,000. This was a #wawlovinlimangfamilia history. After all the laughter and stories, we were positive we would definitely have fun working together. It would be efficient, too, since we all knew each other already. So we pooled common dates, thought of what we can contribute, and finalized a rate that’s a mere fraction of our fees combined. The Mechanics The mechanics were pretty simple. We wanted a WaWie to become the recipient of this promo because we also wanted to give back to WaW for being such a blessing to all of us. It so happened that it was the 15th year of WaW, thus, the choice of our promo name. Couples sent in entries, we read through them, and …

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A Great Father’s Day Gift from Globe

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  It was such a thrill for us when Globe myBusiness contacted us to be Brand Ambassador. It was a shoot done by Paolo Ruiz, a wedding supplier we met for the first time finally after so many years. It’s our first time to work on a shoot with a production house and an ad agency, complete with brand reps. It was oh-so corporate and we were basking in the attention and care given to us. It will be an experience we will forever remember. To all dads and to our very own Didda… Happy Father’s Day!

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50 Golden Years for the Golden Couple

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I wrote this piece before the untimely death of my father on May 26, 2015. It’s unfortunate he did not get the chance to read this. This is a tribute to his marriage to my mom. -Abet Wedding anniversaries are not a celebration of perfect marriages. We all know there is no such thing. Rather, it’s a celebration of imperfect couples choosing to stay together despite the problems and imperfections. My parents, Boy and Perla Rana, should have been celebrating their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary exactly today. But it was not meant to be. The date was June 7, 1965 when they exchanged I dos. But I guess it wasn’t a wedding the kind of wedding my parents had envisioned. Lumban Express My hometown in Lumban, Laguna played an pivotal rode in the marriage of my folks. It was the mid-1960s, way before I was even conceived, when my dad accompanied my mom to his hometown as she stood as ninang in the baptism of the eldest child (Ate Cecil) of my dad’s older brother (Tito Celso). Mom had to spend the night in Lumban before they head back to Aurora province where my mom’s parents stay. My mom then was staying in a …

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A Look Back at [email protected] Videofest by Jason Magbanua

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If there’s one thing that can be said about [email protected] throughout its existence, it’s that friendships abound here. It’s like a big slumber party where wishes and secrets are exchanged. No judgments here, only honest conversations and sincere sharing. Master videographer Jason Magbanua skillfully captures the bride vibe in this video. Jason, the ultimate [email protected] “slasher” meaning supplier/star/christmaspartyhost/friend/adviser/supporter/etc/plusmore, knows the pulse of the groupie really well, having been around them for as long as he has been in business. Putting all that together results in a candid and genuine vid. Must watch!

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The New [email protected] Logo

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We’ve been itching to do some tweaking on the [email protected] logo for some time now. When the project to revamp the [email protected] site came about, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for a logo makeover. The [email protected] logo has become a familiar emblem of our community. We didn’t really want to do drastic changes with it. We still wanted the old but also wanted it new. We just needed to find that one perfect something that says everything about [email protected]’s past, present and future. We toyed with images, colors, more color combinations until we asked “What is [email protected][email protected] is community, friendship, bond, love, camaraderie. A sense of belonging. In a word: connectivity. This word sums it up: people and technology. The [email protected] logo is all that – a couple’s dream of the perfect wedding and the work that is needed to achieve that. The @ symbol is for internet technology that connects the people to each other wherever they may be on this planet and allows people to share ideas without boundaries. As for the color blue, in any wedding you need something blue. Putting it all together: W connects to W via the @ in one fluid, solid …

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Sneak Peek at the New [email protected]

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As you can see, we did a little bit of spring cleaning. Well, maybe a great deal. You know how it is, once you start you just can’t stop! We’ve been busy in the past few months scrubbing and dusting the “[email protected] House,” sorting through endless stories of friendship formed and forged over time. It’s amazing how much love has been shared here for the past 16 years! With this revamped site, we’ve assembled together an interesting mix of reality and fantasy–a good dose of wedding formula to keep things on track, just the right amount of instinct and real-life advise for that much-needed practicality and the necessary sprinkle of fantasy because every bride deserves to live out her dream wedding. As with any home cleaning, we definitely kept something old. What are these? Let’s see. There’s the camaraderie, laughter, a spattering of tears and all the love that made this family endure the years. Stories and more stories fill the [email protected] Archives to the brim. Imagine family albums? That kind. Of course, we put in something new. Fresh on the menu are the Weddingpedia and Wedding 101 Series, [email protected]’s answer to anything and everything you and your soulmate need to …

Laya’s Trash-the-Dress (1st Birthday Edition)

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(apologies to Veluz for the mess) For our youngest daughter’s 1st birthday, Benz & I decided that we won’t be throwing a birthday party and just allot the budget for a family holiday.  But of course, we could not let the special occasion pass without preserving memories for her to know how special her first birthday was. For our final photo session with The Stork Studio (previous shoots while Laya was in-the-womb, newborn, three months, six months and nine months), Stan Ong and Sofia Genato suggested we go outdoors for the 12th month pictorial.  Benz was inspired by an Etsy-ish look (read: vintage and handmade) in one blogpost by Kelle Hampton and she made it her peg for the look of our mock birthday party.  I, on the other hand, wanted a “one-table-party” concept, with a family picnic feel.  Soon, we gathered-up our friends (some of the best in the wedding industry!) to help us achieve the look we wanted. Our utmost gratitude for their generosity and the help extended to us. 🙂 our shoot location | Blue Leaf styling & set-up | Teddy Manuel Laya’s gown | Veluz mini-catering* | Josiah’s *spaghetti & fried chicken for us and the …

“Marry Me” by Train (music video and lyrics)

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This Valentine post is especially dedicated to the one person who agreed to marry me. 🙂 MARRY ME music & words: Patrick Monahan Forever can never be long enough for me Feel like I’ve had long enough with you Forget the world now, we won’t let them see But there’s one thing left to do Now that the weight has lifted Love has surely shifted my way Marry me today and every day Marry me if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe Say you will, say you will Together can never be close enough for me Feel like I am close enough to you You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you And you’re beautiful Now that the wait is over And love and has finally shown her my way Marry me today and every day Marry me if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe Say you will, say you will Promise me you’ll always be happy by my side I promise to sing to you when all the music dies And marry me today and everyday Marry me if I ever get the nerve to …

[email protected] rocks!

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[email protected] is a community of Filipino soon-to-weds and newlyweds based in Singapore. Last January 14,  a mini-EB was organized at Starbucks Raffles Place in City Hall for them to finally see the faces behind the emails.  But when the original venue proved to be small for the turnout, they moved to a bigger venue (New York New York in CityLink Mall), essentially turning the mini-EB into a Mega EB. The SG-based [email protected] exchanged tips and stories about their wedding preps.  Those who have recently gotten married shared feedback about their chosen wedding suppliers. A favorite photo of ours was this collage of the [email protected] showing off their respective engagement rings. from left to right, top to bottom: Joanna, Cathy, Nicky, Donna, Analyn, Rona, Sugar, Russel, Jeddah, Kathy, Laarni, and Maan More photos from this EB of [email protected] in Singapore are posted here. Mabuhay ang [email protected]!

Tonight’s the 2010 [email protected] Christmas Party!

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We know it’s just November 26. For those who may thinks it’s too early to hold one in November, then a little explanation may be in order.  December is the month where a lot of [email protected] get married.  It’s also the busiest time of the year for wedding suppliers as well.  Why, it’s the PEAK season for weddings in the Philippines! We are expecting around 300 guests.  200 will be seated and 100 will party cocktail-style. And before everything gets caught in the frenzy during-and-after party, we already want to thank everybody for making tonight’s event possible. Top of mind, we thank Jets & Rhona Battung (Jets & Rhona: Canaan Celebrations)  — [email protected] couple turned wedding planners  — who’s handling the event.  Props to them for not balking on us when we asked them if they’d be interested to help us with this event.  As Benz said in her profile stat, Jets & Rhona made everything easier for her. We would also like to acknowledge The Pergola for hosting the venue of our Christmas Party this year.  This new venue for special events within the CCP Complex just opened mid this year and we are happy that they took us …

[email protected] Thanks!

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The note below came in our inbox today. It’s from an abroad-based [email protected] who has gotten married two years ago.  It is indeed heartwarming to hear from our members even though they have long been married.  But this particular ‘love letter’ is noteworthy since the writer wrote her special messages in verses.  The fact that we received it the day of our 12th wedding anniversary made it even more special! The poem is a glimpse in a life of a [email protected] We are deeply touched with the gesture. And with the writer’s permission, we want to share it with our readers. Read on…. – – – – – – – – – – I’ve planned for a wedding overseas I knew it ain’t gonna be a breeze Didn’t know where to begin And relied mostly on search engines   Then I came across this site Giving me a handful insight Until I decided to join the group Felt like I’m part of a troupe   Hundreds of emails to read everyday Variety of topics, mostly weddings Q&A Not only you’ll get the latest trends You’re actually gaining many friends Suppliers?! Found them all here, too Somewhat knew ’em from a …

A Double Celebration!

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Today our eldest daughter, Kite, turns 11.  Her birthday party was held last Sunday which coincided with the baptism of her baby sister, Laya. (photo by Oly Ruiz of MetroPhoto) It ain’t a wedding but the event also involved preps in the hotel (courtesy of the GCs we received from Mandarin Oriental), a church ceremony, and a reception.  The staff of Mandarin even brought a cot to our room especially for the baby. Since we booked the party at Blue Leaf (thanks to Eugene & Michelle Sandejas for accommodating us), we decided that the Christening of our four month-old baby be held at the Sanctuario de San Antonio for proximity and convenience of the godparents and other guests. Benz & I usually plan big events in our family together, but this time, she planned it with Kite. I was mostly pleased with this arrangement except when I asked approximately how much they spent so far.  But with the discounts and freebies we got from our suppliers, I shouldn’t really be complaining. Joel Bautista did Laya’s baptismal gown in piña, while the candles were custom-made for us by Ernest Pascual —  dubbed as the ‘Details Diva’ by his brides. After the …

A Wedding Proposal Story: Floating on Cloud 9 while diving underwater!

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Meet Mark & Anna. The two are college sweethearts who have been together for about 10 years already. Sometime last year, on a weekend he had work, she scheduled a diving trip in Anilao, Batangas with friends. For their last dive, Anna was instructed by her diving buddy to follow 30 feet underwater. When they got there, here’s what she saw…  … a tarp with her name and the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME??” Then she saw this guy in his dive mask kneeling on the seabed with a bouquet of flowers. It could only be Mark!  After she signaled ‘YES’ to him, he handed her the ring attached to a string and to his BCD (buoyancy control device).  He also gave her tarpaulin that had ‘YES’ on it. Afterall, nobody really expect to hear that sweet word underwater. 🙂 As soon as they surfaced, this first thing she uttered to him wasn’t a verbal yes, but “Are you okay?” Turns out, Mark is no swimmer.  Despite that, he willingly took diving lessons (behind her back) specifically for this proposal.  The lengths some men go through just to pop THE question never cease to amaze. “People asked me how I …

And then there were four….

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It been quiet here the past couple of weeks and, unless you’re a contact in our personal FB accounts, you might be wondering the lack of updates this side of the blogosphere. Well we have added a new member to our family! 😀 Welcome Laya Rana!  She was born the afternoon of March 29.  Her name was inspired by the last word from the song “Bayan Ko.” Our family picture above was taken during our li’l bundle of joy’s newborn pictorial.  She was just 12 days old at that time.  Kudos to Sofia Genato & Stan Ong of The Stork Studio for their talent and patience.  Some of the ‘poses’ required our baby to be in deep slumber and there isn’t any on/off button when it comes to that. But the wait paid off, and the shots came out great! As for now, like any doting parents, we eagerly share with you the other shots from this session. 🙂

ten-ten-te-ten – our [email protected] Desktop Gallery for 2010!

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  Late last month, we have launched and distributed the 2010 [email protected] Desktop Gallery — a glossy desk calendar featuring the works of 12 talented photographers, namely; Fol Rana, Jr., Jay-Jay Lucas,  Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza, Nice Print Photography, Lito Genilo, Robert Lester, Jervy Santiago, Richie Macapinlac, Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo, Rupert Nicolas, and Chito Cleofas. Several copies are ready for dispatch as our Yuletide tokens to our friends in the wedding industry. For those of you who are interested to get one, limited copies are already available at the bookshop of Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati and at the Wedding Library (SM North Edsa and Megamall branches only) for P100.