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Humans of WaW Carmelyn Latoja

What is your [email protected] story?

I’m Ai Reyes Latoja. I was first introduced to WaW back in 2005 while sourcing suppliers for my wedding. I’ve been happily stuck in the WaW Universe ever since.

In five sentences, who are you?
Since turning NaWie in 2006, I’ve juggled my roles as a graphic artist and book illustrator with being a full-timeand  hands-on mom to our huge bundle of joy Choychoy. More than the excellent wedding suppliers that I discovered, it was within NaW that I found a genuinely caring community and the strongest support group that an autism mom can hope to find. Among fellow NaWies now turned dear friends, I have truly found a home.

Ai Latoja
Joined [email protected] in 2005; [email protected] since 2006


      1. Clarice

        Hahaha!! Baka naman naka COD pa yung shipping. Paki siguradong bayad na ha! Hahaha!!!

  1. Pittipat

    Aside from being the resident artist (not artista, mind you), she almost always brings the house down all the time. Philvocs, watch out! Mala-earthquake itong babaeng ito! Pengeng autograph, pero dapat paper cut ha? LOL! Love you Ai! So glad to have had the HONOR of meeting you.

  2. Maricon

    hi sis-in-law! You’re a blessing to our family especially to my brother, Dex. thanks to you, i have a lovely nephew Choychoy. Stay blessed!

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