Cake 101

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Cake – refers to the baked product placed on spotlight during the cake cutting ceremony; however, given the various ideas over the years, there are times when couples opt for other baked goodies other than the usual layered cake.

Tiered Cake – this is the most common wedding cake, often included in caterer’s offerings; it consists of either layers of edible sponge cake covered with icing or a layer of edible sponge cake with 2 or more layers of styrofoam covered with icing to resemble edible layers

Satellite Cake – this refers to the way the cakes are set up separately on risers or on the arms of a cake stand often with varying heights

Cupcake Tower – a number of cupcakes set up on a wooden or cardboard stand to resemble the height of a tiered cake. This set up is usually accompanied by a cutting cake or a small cake that the couple can cut and eat during the cake cutting ceremony. Cupcakes are more often than not distributed to guests as souvenirs.

Cream puff tower – cream puffs or profiteroles are attached by skewers to layers of styrofoam resembling a layered or tiered cake. Before they are eaten, assigned staff will have to put the filling between the two parts of the cream puffs. The bride and groom often use a fork to serve each other bites of cream puff during their modified “cake cutting ceremony”.

Note: A cream puff tower or a spire of caramelized cream puffs is also called “croquembouche”.

Macaron tower – French macarons are attached to layers of styrofoam resembling a layered or tiered cake. The light and airy cookie-like goodies are often given to guests as souvenirs after the bride and groom have served each other during their modified “cake cutting ceremony”.

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