2005 – volume 1

Tony PionillaJohn Mateos OngLee LlamasLito GeniloBiggs JavellanaRobert Lester
Jo AvilaGlen AbogEdwin TuyayKai HuangPierre Oliver CruzAndy Samaniego

Limited copies are avilable for sale at the Book Shop of the Filipinas Heritage Library at P100. (US $2.00) each.

Having worked with W@W in the past five years, we have always been fascinated about shots of kids taken during weddings. They are usually the cutest and most candid in a wedding album.

That’s what inspired us to come up with “Butterfly Kisses”–the 2005 W@W Desktop Gallery (Volume 1). The title is taken from a song which speaks of a father’s special memories of his daughter’s childhood as he walks her down the aisle. We figured it’s the perfect title for a gallery of children in wedding photography.

We dedicate this calendar to our daughter, Kitty Kite. At three, she said her ambition is to become a bride. We made sure she got that wish early on so she could dream about being something else the next time.

Happy New Beginnings!

If you are a wedding photographer and wish to be included in the next year’s calendar, please contact: 0917.850.1026 (Benz) or email: mail@WeddingsAtWork.com


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