Bridal Blurbs: Why You Need to Check on Your Health Before Tying the Knot

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It’s been roughly ten months since my husband and I got married. A lot has happened: our fun honeymoon, setting up our humble abode, and a handful of health issues. For this entry, I’d like to put emphasis on taking care of your health right now, while you still have a chance.

Many soon-to-wed couples put a premium on losing weight, following an effective skin regimen, or having their teeth straightened or whitened just so they would look good on their wedding day, most forget what lies underneath that beautiful shell that they will clad in intricately-designed wedding gowns and bespoke suits or barongs. For the sake of your overall health, now I ask you: How’s your blood pressure? How about your blood sugar? Have you had your teeth cleaned and checked by an able dentist? When was the last time you saw your OB, or have you ever seen one? Have you felt any suspicious lumps in your body?

It takes a lot of energy to prepare for one special day, and it’s especially tasking since you want every detail to be almost-perfect. Being at the prime of your health before and after the wedding is essential for your overall wellness. Why? You need the energy to deal with suppliers, DIYs, and errands, as well as family members, guests, and other people you will be in contact with in planning your wedding. I’ve mentioned in my previous BB blog that while there may have superstitions that tell soon-to-weds to avoid going out of the house before their wedding, it somehow makes sense because taking on exhausting trips, no matter the distance (because traffic, haha!) may take a toll on the body, so take heed not because of a few hokum but because you want to be at your tip-top shape on your big day.

Your reproductive health is another reason why you have to put your health in check before the big day. If you plan to conceive soon after the wedding or delay childbirth at a later time, it is important to keep your health in check in support of those plans. Taking certain medications, continuing an unhealthy lifestyle, or simply having pre-existing medical conditions may greatly affect your plans in building a family. I won’t go far anymore, I have irregular periods since I started working. Turns out, I have polycystic ovaries that turns my hormones out of whack, among other things. I started consulting with my OB-GYN and scheduled regular check-ups with my cardiologist a year before the wedding and underwent a battery of tests so that we could prevent possible problems when we finally conceive. I also have a friend who plans to have babies a few years after the wedding, so she asked her OB-GYN about options on how to plan for their future offspring.

Regardless if you want babies ASAP or months or years after, it is also best to have your vaccines updated. Get your mom or one of your parent or guardian dig your family baul and look for your immunization records from way back. This is also important especially if you’re planning a honeymoon getaway in areas that require certain inoculations prior to landing. Vaccines like the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR), diptheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine (DTPv), chickenpox vaccine, dengue vaccine, and the annual flu vaccine will give you peace of mind not only during your trip, but also when you already plan on having kids. Ladies, make sure to have your cervical cancer vaccine as well as the MMR vaccine at least six months to a year before getting married to keep you protected!

We vow to take care of our partners “in sickness and in health, till death do we part,” so take initiative in keeping sickness at bay so that you may fully enjoy married life together, forever. Pay attention to every changes in your body, from your eyesight, skin pigmentation, minor aches, period regularity, and even the color of your finger and toe nails, sans polish (yes, this matters!) and have these checked ASAP before it’s too late. Brides and grooms, take charge of your health NOW. I guarantee you, one day of taking time off from wedding planning to attend to your health and wellness will be so worth it not only for the sake of your wedding, but also for the rest of your lives.


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