Bridal Blurbs: Why You Need an Efficient Wedding Coordinator for Your Wedding

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When my husband and I got engaged, we knew more or less what we want done on our wedding day. We just needed someone to help us put these ideas together to make our big day uniquely our own in an organized manner. Not only did we ask around for recommendations, we also researched and considered our preferences in searching for THE dream team.

Prior to meeting our coordinator, my husband and I sat down and discussed our non-negotiables as a couple, and individual preferences for our big day. We also pooled ideas from family members, friends, and previous weddings we attended to know what we like (and we don’t like) for our wedding and the after party. As soon as we were settled, we discussed our inputs with our wedding coordinator.

We booked an on-the-day coordination because we took charge in booking and dealing with all our suppliers. Yes, we planned our wedding during lunch breaks, down times in the office, after work, and during the weekend, and had the coordinator run the show. It was tiring but it was all worth it! I know a couple who opted to hire a coordinator to help them with some of the planning, and there’s this one friend who hired a full-time planner because they are based overseas.

Still debating whether to get a wedding coordinator? Let me convince you:

  1. Experienced coords know what’s good for you

An experienced wedding coordinator will talk sense to you. He/she will throw you no BS and will not sugarcoat their opinions simply because they’ve done a million weddings and have seen the best and the worst. When I wanted a certain type of game on our wedding day, she discouraged me because it will not engage the crowd. Instead, she suggested another game that is a whole lot better and much more fun!

  1. They will help you to get things done

Because they have done a hundred weddings, efficient wedding coordinators have a very detailed checklist of essentials you need months before your wedding. They will even have a laundry list of items you need to prepare come actual day like things to bring in the church and reception. Sometimes all you and your fiance should do is to comply to these lists so that your wedding will run smoothly—and this is important, by the way, because even the most veteran coordinator may not be able to execute what you want for your big day if you don’t help the team, so do your part, coordinate early and efficiently with them months before the wedding!

  1. Their bridal resource network are vast

Still lack suppliers? Maybe they can recommend. Five months into the preps, my then-fiance and I were starting to worry because we still cannot find a budget-friendly tailor to make my groom’s suit. I asked our coordinator for leads, and she reverted with a few names. And because they have worked with a lot of suppliers already, they will not have a hard time dealing with them!

  1. They know what to do come wedding day

During our wedding day, our events team ran the show like how we discussed on our pre-event meetings. We didn’t need to worry about anything at all! My husband and I also dispel the myth that newlyweds aren’t able to enjoy their first meal because they are busy with things that need to be done during the reception. Efficient coordinators also know how to handle crisis come D-day. I have a friend who left their garter in their hotel room, good thing their coordinator has an extra one on his kit. Another friend and her husband got stuck in traffic on the way to the reception. Their coordinator brought out the bride’s flip flops so they could sprint to the hotel. I brought a tumbler with a cold drink because I knew I would get thirsty before walking down the aisle, and I completely forgot that sipping direct on my tumbler will ruin my perfectly-shaped lips! My bridal manager pulled out a straw from her kit and assisted me while drinking from my tumbler—life saver!

Why you should make your coordinator your wedding best friend

Next to your groom, family, entourage, and close friends, your coordinator will never, ever, want your wedding to fail! But as I have addressed it a few paragraphs back, your event’s success will also rely on how timely you and your fiance(e) will turn over things and update your team so your wedding will run smoothly. Some things may not turn out the way you and your partner want it, but know that your dream team will be on top on things so you can enjoy your first few hours as Mr. and Mrs.!

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