Bridal Blurbs: My Two Cents on Wedding Cakes

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When I was growing up, I thought that having the most grandiose cake on your wedding spells elegance, class, and it speaks utmost style. It was *that* decade when celebrities get several layers of cake decked with tons of florets, candy pearls, and whatnots because why not, it’s pretty! I know people who got married years and decades before me who had several layers of wedding cake, only they know how many are edible.

It’s fun to scroll ’round Pinterest and Instagram looking for #weddingcakegoals, with naked cakes and cupcakes are in vogue in the wedding industry, and fondant cakes are still rocking it with its new look and technique of making it. I also had my share of my ideal wedding cake because it will help set the mood of the wedding party. It’s also fun to go to bridal fairs and sample cakes from different suppliers and dream about how our first cake eating as a married couple will be like, amidst clinging glasses and cheering guests watching us go through one of the important wedding traditions. Aware of the price tags attached to these delectable wedding cakes, my husband and I chose to settle for a 12-inch, one-layer carrot cake decked with fresh fruits and cream cheese frosting from the country club deli where we had our reception.

In-season cakes are sooo pretty to look at, and I bet these are tasty, too. We may be able to afford to get a several layers, but we decided to get a simple one that’s only a fraction of a towering wedding cake. In fact, our reception venue had us choose between a three-layer cake and overnight suite accommodations at a nearby hotel, and we unanimously chose the suite because we love staycations! I personally think it’s too extravagant to have a towering wedding cake with just a small layer just enough to eat for the traditional cake-cutting and to share with a very few people.

Soon-to-weds, think about this: How important is it for you to have a nice wedding cake, with all the layers and beautiful embellishments? Would you rather spend your monies on other wedding-related expenses and get a simple, non-traditional cake just so you can abide with the cake-cutting traditions? The answers are up to you, darling.

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