Aisle Do: DIY Your Escort Cards/Seating Cards and Place Cards

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Another [email protected] Columnist debuts today. Ernest Pascual is aptly dubbed by [email protected] Luzel as Details Diva. He has this knack of making little details to complete the look. His expertise on materials and OC-ness is also a great plus. He wil be our resident DIY guru here with the help of Adrian Ardiente, who will be in charge of shooting the how-to’s. Let’s all learn with them.

Our aim is to give you and other soon-to-wed couples ideas on how you can personalize your wedding by doing simple do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. We also want to help you create some lovely details to make your wedding extra special. We will tell you what materials to source, the step-by-step procedure, and how the details we have designed look during an actual wedding.

Escort Cards/Seating Cards

A guest list is important in any social function and a wedding is not an exception. If you are having assigned tables at your reception, then you need escort cards, also known as seating cards. These cards will direct guests to their assigned tables. Usually, the names of the guests with their assigned tables are printed or handwritten. Then, all of these cards are arranged alphabetically by family name.

Before, simply an alphabetical list of the wedding guests and the seating arrangement (or the seat plan) were placed on the registration table. Through the years, this regular list has evolved into custom-made or printed cards. For this particular project, the escort card is attached to the packaging of the souvenir items which are handmade candles.

Here’s what you need:
• Jute bag
• Jute string
• Printed escort cards and sticker
• Souvenir item
• Faux flowers
• Corded lace
• Glue gun
• Glue stick
• Tissue
• Jewel stickers
• Puncher
• A pair of scissors

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards Materials

Here’s how to do it.
Step 1: Stick the label onto the souvenir item to personalize it.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards1
Step 2: Wrap tissue around the souvenir item for protective layering.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards2
Step 3: Insert the souvenir item into the jute bag. Tie a string around the bag. Set it aside.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards3
Step 4: Have escort cards printed. Punch a hole on them and embellish them with jewel stickers.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards5
Step 5: Tie a corded lace around the bag.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards4
Step 6: Slide in the escort card and secure it with a knot using the jute string.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards6

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards7

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards8

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards9

Step 7: Attach a faux flower to conceal the jute knot.

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards10


WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards11

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards12

The end result? These were used for the wedding of Miguel and Laverne. Beautiful, right?

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards14

Photo Credit: Metrophoto

WaW Aisle Do Escort Cards13

Photo Credit: Metrophoto

Bespoke Tip: If you are having an outdoor reception, these escort cards must be securely fastened to something to avoid being blown away by the wind.

Place Cards

Place cards are commonly used on the presidential or V.I.P. tables. They indicate the place where a specific guest will be seated on the table. Create a conversation piece that your guests will want to take home after the party.

Here’s what you need:
• Jute cloth
• Roll of jute string
• Printed place cards
• Jewel stickers
• Silver buttons
• Glue gun
• Glue stick
• A pair of pliers


WaW Aisle Do Place Cards Materials

Here’s how to do it.
Step 1: Cut the jute cloth to size.

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards1
Step 2: Create fringes by pulling 2-3 strands from the four edges of the cloth.

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards2
Step 3: Attach the place card onto the jute cloth using the glue gun.

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards4

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards3

Step 4: Place jewels and buttons to secure the place card onto the jute cloth.

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards5

These gorgeous place cards were used for the wedding of Miguel and Laverne.

WaW Aisle Do Place Cards6

Photo Credit: Metrophoto


Bespoke Tip: Think of escort cards that will complement your theme. For this rustic luxe theme, place cards are attached on a roll of jute string.


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