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Arrhae – refers to the coins that the groom ceremonially gives the bride; more often than not, there should be13 coins with the 13th symbolizing an extra month of bounty beyond the usual 12 months in a year

Cord – refers to the binder that is ceremonially placed over the head and on to the shoulders of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. It can be made of cloth, ribbon, chain links, and the like.

Ceremonial Veil – refers to the veil that will be pinned by the veil sponsors. It is rectangular in shape and big enough to cover the head of the bride and the backs of both the bride and groom.

Bible – the holy book; part of most catholic and protestant ceremonies is the passing on of the Bible from the officiant to the bride and groom

Note: Do purchase the Bible recommended by your religious denomination.

Wedding Candles or Matrimonial Candles – two long candles, usually size E24, which are lit by the secondary sponsors during a Catholic ceremony and before a Protestant ceremony.

Matches – two designed boxes of matches given to the candle sponsors so they can light the wedding candles (sometimes, lighters like gas stove lighters are used in place of matches)

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